New Bradford Business Encourages You to ‘Zest Up Your Life’ in the Kitchen


He’s had a crush on her since he was in grade school, but it only took Michael Edgar 20 years to propose to Kris Yeo.

Growing up as neighbors in Bradford, their paths diverged until COVID struck. Then Yeo returned from Australia to be with his mother, and Edgar returned home after a marriage breakdown.

“I’ve had a crush on Krissy since I was 10, so I’ve been kind of like cloud nine the whole time,” Edgar said.

Three months after starting their relationship, Yeo has realized that Edgar is an extraordinary chef, and he recognizes that his international work as a model has given him a keen business sense.

Newly engaged in December 2021, the couple decided to start their own YouTube channel called “Zest Up Your Life,” showing viewers how to cook certain meals at home during the pandemic.

“We were making little Instagram videos, people would ask us if a chef was coming to their house, and we were like, ‘Well, we weren’t really thinking about it,’” Edgar said.

But the idea won them over and they started to cook dinner for their friends and family.

“And they were like, ‘This is amazing’ and ‘We can’t believe the food that comes out of here.”

With Yeo’s 110,000 Instagram followers through her work as both an international plus-size model and body positive activist, Edgar said they’ve decided to take on internet restaurant jobs.

Starting with a meal prep deal, the Bradford couple gave customers the choice of choosing which dinners they would like to serve from a menu and then having them delivered pre-cooked to their doorstep, he said.

“So, we started with the preparation of the meals, then we started to do catering, like small small events here and there and so on, then it exploded very, very quickly”, he said. declared.

Having no commercial equipment, Edgar used his contacts at the Brick N Fire restaurant and the Moody Cow pub in Aurora to rent space during their off-peak hours.

With a team of cooks and dishwashers lined up, the team at Zest Up Your Life are working in their satellite kitchens to create “vacation packages” for Christmas, Thanksgiving and the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration where they’ll cook everything. the meal – and will stock up on desserts at Sweet B’s. Bakery – and have it delivered to your door.

Yeo, who is waiting for a work visa to travel again once the pandemic has subsided, says she picked up some cooking tips along the way.

“I’ve learned a few skills and I’m improving,” Yeo said with a laugh. “I jump into the kitchen and I’m a really good helper – I do as I’m told.”

“She can peel a carrot like no one I’ve ever seen,” Edgar added softly.

Yeo, who handles the administrative side of things, as well as reservations, said the meal preparation business has restarted due to provincial closures.

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