New desert business opening in Griffithstown, Pontypool

Opening on St Mary Street, Griffithstown, Desert Queen will open on October 24.

Owner Claire Evans, who specializes in baking gluten-free treats, has converted her garage into a catering kitchen to cook up her handmade delicacies.

Selection of mouth-watering cakes from Claire EvansClaire’s selection of tempting cakes photo: Claire Evans

Selection of mouth-watering cakes from Claire Evans. Photo: Claire Evans

Ms Evans said: ‘My dad was diagnosed with celiac disease about 10 years ago and was so upset trying products from supermarkets which then weren’t a massive range. The range they had had no moisture and was dry.

Selection of mouth-watering cakes from Claire EvansCooking photo of Claire and her nephew: Claire Evans

Claire Evans and her cooking nephew. Photo: Claire Evans

“Over the past 10 years I have developed a good range of good quality desserts and cakes that are as close to the real taste as possible to give more options to people with celiac disease.

Selection of mouth-watering cakes from Claire EvansProfiterole Chocolate Caramel Cake Photo: Claire Evans

Profiterole chocolate and caramel cake. Photo: Claire Evans

“It is important to me that celiacs can get good products that taste good and have a choice.

“Cream puffs that I haven’t seen in any supermarket in my area, and that’s the type of product I can supply.”

Mrs. Evans has expressed her love for baking and has acquired qualifications in the kitchen.

Selection of mouth-watering cakes from Claire EvansFestive photo of Paris-Brest: Claire Evans

Festive Paris-Brest. Photo: Claire Evans

“All of my products, gluten-free or not, are all handmade. I’ve used quality ingredients and the recipes I use are all my own which I’ve worked hard to develop for years,” she said.

Dessert Queen is sourcing on a pickup-and-delivery basis – pre-orders and daily produce are also available.

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