New Pizza Express Fall Menu: Really Hot Stuff

On those cold fall nights, we all need something to keep us warm and also a treat to look forward to. It’s been a while since I visited Pizza Express and when I did it was always to use up unused Tesco Clubcard vouchers which seem to accumulate much slower than before.

With a new fall menu recently launched, now seemed like the perfect time to visit Pizza Express. I always find it intriguing what ingredients they will add alongside a pizza. Once we arrived in Italy by plane late at night, starving and craving – on checking out the local pizzeria, we discovered that they specialize in mushroom pizzas – with at least nineteen varieties!

Fortunately, Pizza Express has kept the mushroom options slightly lower so you don’t have to make too big a decision on what to order – if you like mushrooms, you do!


To start, you can try the new Mushroom Arancini; golden balls of risotto rice, filled with mushrooms and melting mozzarella with a coating of crispy breadcrumbs, priced at £6.95, they were ideal for sharing.

Tried the new Dynamite Dough Balls. Can you stand the heat? For me they were a little too hot and I would recommend having ice cold water on hand to cool off. I liked the fluffy dough balls, but the tangy herb Chimichurri sauce was, how to say, on the flamboyant side of hot. Priced at £6.35, they’re again ideal for sharing.


New on the pizza front, the Spicy Giuseppe. You may have already tried the famous Sloppy Giuseppe, the spicy version is a new take on the classic Pizza Express. After first having the Dynamite Dough Balls and then the Spicy Giuseppe, I put my taste buds on a mission to somewhere hotter than hell, but ultimately if you ate a fan of pizza and hot tastes, you will be in heaven with this new offer.

Tender and spicy ground beef, fresh chillies, red onion, green pepper, tomato and mozzarella, finished with chilli oil and parsley, all added to a spicy pizza, priced at £14.95.

For mushroom fans, the new Funghi di Bosco might please you. Chestnut mushrooms, garlic tomato, mozzarella and rosemary finished with parsley and Gran Milano cheese. Priced at £13.95, it’s also late discretionary 25 pence for the Veneziana fund.

The Veneziana Fund has successfully supported many restoration works in Venice while in the UK it has funded heritage projects focusing on the preservation, restoration, repair and maintenance of buildings originally constructed before 1750 and works of art made before 1750.


If you have room for dessert, you might be tempted by the new Billionaire’s Truffle Sundae, there are probably a billion reasons to try this guilty pleasure. After all that flaming hot food, you’ll definitely need something to cool off!

Luxurious and decadent for £6.75 you’ll be refreshed with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream, covered in salted caramel and chocolate sauce, a crushed Lotus cookie – all topped with whipped cream and a chocolate truffle. Lindor Salted Caramel. Beware, at 604 calories, you might want to go on a diet the next day!

With restaurants throughout the Northeast, there are plenty of opportunities to treat yourself or a loved one with the new fall menu – hot stuff indeed.

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