Nimrat Kaur on gaining weight for Dasvi

After receiving accolades for her explicit role in the critically acclaimed Dasvi, Nimrat Kaur has once again made headlines for her body transformation journey. The actress, who played Bimla Devi, Abhishek Bachchan’s wife, gained around 15kg for the role. Nimrat has now penned an open letter while emphasizing the importance of minding our own business when it comes to gaining or losing weight. While dropping before and after photos of herself in a collage, the actress penned a thousand-word post as she shared her experience.

Taking to her Instagram account on Tuesday, Nimrat posted a before and after photo in which she donned the same workout outfit which includes a white sports bra paired with multicolored floral print tights. While the left image in the collage shows the extra weight she put on for her latest comedy-drama, the right one shows her after her weight loss journey. While posting the photo of herself with her long note, she wrote in the caption, “Weigh in on it…Swipe left for my thousand words, this picture won’t speak.”

In the following photo, the actress opened her heart to how people around her reacted to her eating habits when she was trying to gain weight. Nimrat began his open letter by saying, “In an age of heightened expectations of what we should look like, at all times – gender, age and unrestricted profession, I share a small chapter of my life that has brought learnings that will last a lifetime.

Talking about her body type, she added, “Born with what is generally categorized as small to medium body type, with Dasvi I had to go up in size. The idea being to be as unrecognizable and as physically different from “being Nimrat” as possible. There was no target number in mind, but at the end of trying to achieve the desired visual impact, I was a little over 15 pounds of my usual body weight. Initially, I was rather petrified of an unseen reality that I was going to have to own and embrace. But as I steadily and lovingly started, with the support and encouragement of my loved ones around me, good conversations with myself, I began to savor the process of becoming Bimla.

While criticizing the people around her, who judged her throughout this journey, she said: “Very often, watching me eat high calorie meals being already a few sizes larger, some people around me felt that they had the right to comment on what they thought. I was hurting. It would be a sarcastic remark, an inappropriate joke, or just unsolicited advice on what to eat instead of a dessert that I really enjoy. This voyeuristic license and authorized authorization is what has come to the fore.

In her long, heart-melting letter, Nimrat also addressed the trolls and said, “I purposely wouldn’t always state the ‘why’ behind what I looked like or consumed. But I’ve always observed how easily people make my “bigger than usual” body and/or meal their thing. I could have been sick, on medication, fighting something hormonal, or just very happy to eat and be me, whatever my size.

The actress concluded by saying, “This whole exercise has taught me as both a girl and an actor how non-negotiable it is for each of us to just mind our own business. Having come full circle on this journey and physically become me again, today, in the truest sense, I have learned not to let an outside perspective decide my relationship with me. Be kind. Be sensitive. Be gracious. Don’t make someone’s day worse if you can’t make it better. To be responsible. Make your mind and body your business. Nobody else.

Meanwhile, Bollywood has recently seen actresses like Kriti Sanon and Richa Chaddha open up about their weight loss journey in which both actresses have emphasized the healthy aspect of life rather than the standards of beauty.

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