‘No Demo Reno’ Star Jenn Todryk’s Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids Are Perfect for Back to School

As an HGTV star No Reno demo, Jenn Todryk is a working mother like many others. And she shared some of her lunch box ideas to make sure her three little ones always get the healthy food they need, even on busy days.

Read on for expert recommendations for making healthy lunches and some of Todryk’s tips for finding and creating nutrient-dense snacks even the pickiest eaters might love.

Jenn Todryk | Shannon Faulk/HGTV

Harvard’s formula for a healthy back-to-school lunchbox

For starters, hydration is key. The Nutrition Source, part of Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health, recommends replacing sugary drinks with refillable water bottles to keep kids hydrated and healthy.

They also offer a general idea of ​​what to pack for back-to-school lunches and recommend filling a half-tray or lunch box with colorful fruits and vegetables. Thinking about an effective presentation is key for kids who might need to be seduced, they note.

Consider the shape, size and color of each food according to each child’s needs and preferences. Young children, for example, might be more likely to eat colorful bite-sized foods in fun shapes.

To sum up The Nutrition Source’s formula for healthy breakfasts, choose one fresh fruit, two different vegetables, one healthy protein and one whole grain. Also add a dairy or non-dairy option with a similar amount of calcium. Finally, replace between-meal snacks with “super snacks” that combine high-protein, high-carb foods, like string cheese and grapes.

As an important note, Nutrition Source reminds us that these guidelines are not medical advice and do not take into account things like allergies.

What’s best for some doesn’t work for others, and not every little eater will jump for joy at not finding chips, cookies, or candy in their lunches. Plus, some parents might still be a little lost at the thought of a lunch box presentation. These are areas where Todryk has good advice.

Jenn Todryk’s lunch box ideas are perfect for back-to-school lunches and kids with opinions

Whether it’s preparing meals for homeschooled children or college students spending their days at private or public schools, it’s good to have a few on-the-go snacks that are popular, but also sneakily healthy!

Most parents know what it’s like to realize that kids’ lunches still have to be made on an already tough morning, especially with picky eaters at home. So, both Todryk and Harvard recommend meal prepping to avoid this panic. That way, options are available during that morning take-out lunch box filling point.

For some families, getting ready may mean washing, peeling, cutting fruits and vegetables and measuring portions in advance. In Todryk’s case, that sometimes means using dabs to create bite-sized pieces of bread, meat, and cheese to make adorable little sandwiches (according to her What is happening ? ! YouTube series).

Another trick that might work depending on the eater is to find healthy options that taste similar to their favorites. For example, find something low in sodium that has more nutritional value than potato chips. In her What is happening ? ! segment, Todryk uses organic vegetable straws. From a personal perspective, baked pea snacks also work.

As for children who love sweets, Todryk advises to focus on offering various fresh fruits. Use as many colorful and sweet options as possible to find something they like instead of sweet desserts.

Finally, if you have a child who doesn’t like vegetables, try adding some flavor. For example, Todryk says she’ll toss broccoli florets in olive oil, then lightly sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Or try spreading peanut butter on celery.

Jenn Todryk’s lunch box ideas for an appetizing presentation

For one final tip, Todryk uses products like colorful bento boxes and cute food picks. These products can work for storing most types of food, providing ways to keep lunches neat and organized no matter what meals you’re preparing.

Fortunately, many different recipes for healthy meal ideas are available. And what works best for each family will depend on the individual members.

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