No reservations, no problem, three date ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can really surprise you, especially when life is busy, work is demanding and everything gets out of hand. So instead of doing nothing, let us give you some ideas for your romantic stay at home.

We’ll give you some restaurants and some cute ideas to go with them so you can celebrate with the love of your life this Valentine’s Day. Or maybe just that special someone you’re trying to impress. Either way, we’ll make sure you look like a real Casanova.

3.) Home camping trip

It might not be the best time to camp, but what could be more romantic and cute than indoor camping? use pillows, blankets, chairs, anything you can get your hands on to build your inner tent. If you can afford it or have a projector on the wall, show a YouTube video with a crackling fire and enjoy some smores.

I would even suggest going that far to order from Lariat-BBQ and enjoy a cooked meal for an indoor camping experience!

2.) Romantic dinner at home

If you are a cooking pro this one is easy, otherwise we have the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner. First, you’ll want to set up a table for two in the middle of a room, set up some candles, a bucket of ice and champagne, hook up that blue tooth speaker, and create a romantic playlist with some of your favorite music in between. you.

Cook a fancy dinner you know they’ll love and enjoy a night of conversation and love with each other. End the evening with a delicious dessert, again we can’t pretend to know which is your favourite, but chocolate covered strawberries are always a good choice.

If you’re not the best in the kitchen, don’t even worry, we suggest ordering food from the WaterFire Bar and Grill for some of the most delicious and romantic dishes you’ll find in the Valley.

1.) At Home Spa Experience

Most of the time, people just want to know that you care about them by pampering them and showing them how much you love them. This date idea requires some thought on your part to really pull it off. However, we will give you some starting ideas to get things going. First get some mud masks, a new bathrobe, relaxing candles, bath bomb, massage oil and rose pedals. Using all of these, I’m sure you can figure out how to get to the romantic spa night.

First, install everything, clean the tub, light the candles and the roses leading to the tub and inside. Surprisingly, rose pedals are amazing for the skin and are commonly used in spas.

Order from Cowichie Canyon Kitchen for delicious food and romantic meals, or cook dinner at home and pamper your partner in every way possible to give them the best Valentine’s Day experience.

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