Non-traditional Christmas dinner ideas: readers share their favorite turkey alternatives


“Our Goose was too big for the oven last year, so I barbecue it, perfect.” -Tony Fawcett

“Beef tenderloin” – Jeanette Masefield

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“We had sandwiches on the wharf a year ago. And a fruit cake and a bottle of sparkling wine.” – Lindsey J Rea

Want to ditch the traditional Christmas dinner this year?

“An egg and fries during a 24-hour guard duty at an RAF base in 1970” – John Trubshaw

“I live in New Zealand now so it’s summer at Christmas and I’m still not used to it. They have barbecues and salad. I always do my pigs in blankets and Mum’s Swede Cake does can’t go Christmas without them. “-Anna Morgan

“We have this year a beef casserole with dumplings. That means it can be done in the slow cooker and we can take our dog for a long walk.” – Bridget Ellerington

“One year with my nieces we had eggs and fries with white bread and butter !! Another year I went out with family for an Indian … never again … they had tables reserved in double the place was packed and the food took so long we were all drunk before we had our food !! ” – Jill Austin

“A steak in memory of my big sister. She hated turkey and always had steak on Christmas Day.” julia riding

“Fresh Scottish Salmon with Salad includes a house potato salad with chives, coleslaw, baby plum tomatoes, cucumber, arugula topped with a homemade beet chutney. Really delicious!” – Gill Ingham

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“Fish and chips” – Jean Hobson

“Garlic prawns on the beach in Australia, with salad and spicy rice. Perfect.” – Janine Lees-Moorhouse

“Freshly caught fish cooked on a braai on a beach in Mozambique” – Terry Kitson

“We have vegans in my family so no turkey. I make special rice with brown basmati, mushroom pie with puff pastry, salad and vegan Bonoffi pie which is divine. It’s delicious and not. traditional.” – Susanne Ratcliffe

“Game, apple, cream, whiskey, honey and juniper, with roasted potatoes and vegetables.” – Jackie Cavanagh

“We do this every year because it’s our son’s birthday, he chooses what we eat on Christmas Day. Usually steak and fries. We have a traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas.” – Jo Dobie

“Beans on toast!” On Christmas Day 1996, I just came home with a new baby! “- Anne-Marie Rigby

“Cheese sandwich” – Paul Pybus

“Macaroni and cheese with fries” – Lynne England

“Traditional Australian barbie on a Queensland beach. Mid-December, hot, very weird !!!” -Carolyne Fletcher

“Rumpsteak, onions, peas and baked potato with lots of butter. Last Christmas during the lockdown. – Janet Logan

“We have a party buffet on Christmas Day while my mom makes the full sha-bang on Boxing Day!” “- Andrea Lofthouse

“This year we have a homemade meat and potato pie, peas and gravy. In the past we have been to an Indian restaurant.” – Jan Stanley

“Won’t a seafood Christmas dinner with lobster do it again (no leftovers)” – Edna Tomlinson

“Game pie. And chocolate pie pudding.” – Hélène Joanne

“Bacon and Egg Sandwiches. Make Christmas dinner on Boxing Day, less rushed and less stressful.” – Louise Héléno

“We had an Indian take out on Christmas Day. What we had on Christmas Eve !! We had it heated, by the way!” – Jack Archibald

“When I was living abroad in 1970 my friend and I had no money and had boiled pasta for Christmas lunch! “- Denise Bissett

“Chicken Kebab on Goa Beach … my husband had lobster” – Eileen Pederson

“Chinese banquet, still having the same this year.” -Lynda Brister

“Gambas and fries !!!” -Jean Clark

“Sushi in Australia” – John Leggett

“Roast beef and Kronenbourg last year. Stuffed bar and Kronenbourg this year.” – John Ward

“We had a curry with all the trimmings a year when I was a kid. Charming ! “- Marg West

“When I lived in a student neighborhood. I spent Christmas enjoying the peace and the time to play video games. On Christmas Day I usually had a case of beers and a curry of takeout still open.” -Dave Parker

“Jerk chicken with rice and peas. We had the traditional on Christmas Eve. – Toni Darnton

“Chicken and shrimp in curry, trifle, and Christmas cake and custard drizzled with Dom Pedro’s. The best …. ever.” – Nigel Heyes

“Having venison sausages this year. Fast, chic and gives us more time to spend with the family” – Rachel Grieff

“Full English breakfast followed by cheese and cookies in the afternoon. Perfect!” – Jane Parry

“Costa Grilled Sandwiches” – Kim McAdam

“Yes, pie and fries a year. “- Michelle Elmer

“I already started working in my early twenties when I was single and bored alone at home. slices of bread and butter – and that was lovely. “-Lynda Bowyer

“Just have what you want like any other day. Of course, I have eaten pot noodles before. There is no rule that you must have Christmas dinner. “- Teresa McCourt

“Egg crisps with ham and beans and a cup of tea, fabulous” – Ross Cameron

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