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Making Veganuary is a challenge at the best of times, but it can be especially difficult to stick to when all of your friends want to go out to dinner or buy take out.

Luckily, Nando’s is backing you up with their brand new Spicy Chickpea Burger, which is sure to spice up the menu in January.

Served in Nandos’ signature Portuguese bun and costing just £ 7.55, the burger features a savory chickpea and spinach patty, with hints of cumin, coriander and turmeric, loaded with hummus, chutney. of red peppers and garnished with pickled red onions.

Not only that, but the Mango & Lime spice level on the PERi-ometer is back, meaning you can flavor the burger exactly the way you want without feeling embarrassed about ordering Lemon & Herb.

Maybe you’re not completely vegan and just resolve to eat more plant-based foods, in which case the return of their Portobello & Halloumi Pitta mushroom, served with chili jam, the wild garlic aioli and lettuce will be bound to be a hit with you.

We like that Nando’s is committed to becoming Net Zero by 2030 and is already carbon neutral in most of its restaurants.

Well, we’re starting to get hungry… cheeky, is that someone from Nando?

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Veganuary is a great way to test out being vegan or more vegan, but it can be tricky, so here are some of our top tips for getting the most out of the month …

  1. Plan your meals so that you don’t get caught because you don’t have enough ingredients.

  1. Check the labels. You will be amazed at how many things are not actually vegan.

  1. Team up with a friend and support each other.

  1. Take supplements if you feel like you are not getting enough protein. Ultimately, you will be able to adapt your meals to who you are.

  1. Do not abandon ! You got this.

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