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With parents who honored the communal nature of the evening meal, Tyler Lapotosky and his siblings cherished the tradition of the family dinner every night as they grew up in northwest Vermont. Decades later, that tradition continues in how Chef Lapotosky will connect his guests at a wine dinner on December 12.

“We had dinner with the family every night at 5:30 pm, and I consider it lucky with all that we have done,” said Lapotosky, chef at the Flying V Bar and Grill at Loews Ventana Canyon. , 7000 N. Resort Drive. “Our discussions around the table were real, there were no dead dinner conversations and certainly no food brawls,” he said.

This connection mattered to him even when the family was not dining at home.

“At the time, we had access to Lake Champlain, and some nights, we had to have sandwiches, go out on the lake, float and eat,” he recalls. “Even there, with our family in the middle of the water watching the sun go down at dinner time, it was a special thing that bolstered my values, making sure it was was always about the unit, not the individual. ”

These common ties around food and family are at the heart of the Flying V’s upcoming Daou Wine Dinner, a four-course meal paired with wines from California’s Daou Vineyards.

The evening will begin with an ‘arrival to the patio’ where guests will be greeted al fresco with a jumbo shrimp cocktail, crusted roasted beets and a guacamole action station. The Sauvignon Blanc and Rose de Daou will accompany the butler’s bites.

“This intro is meant to be a mixer, with random people meeting, eating, drinking and talking about things they love with the outside world on hiatus,” Lapotosky said.

Guests will then be escorted inside and seated together with the arrival of the second course, a homemade sliced ​​salmon, dried and colored with touches of beetroot violet. The dish, accompanied by the Chardonnay Réserve Daou, will be served with asparagus shavings, Osetra caviar and a “galactic green” avocado cream.

A grass-fed California New York steak will anchor the third course, with sweet peas, butter-poached lobster, and a pasilla-pepper demi-glace.

“Some people think there is no marbling with grass-fed beef, but if you find the right supplier, you can get it with beautiful marbling that almost mimics Wagyu,” he said. he declares. This carnivorous dish will be accompanied by Cabernet Sauvignon Réserve from Daou.

The evening will end with a dessert which, according to Lapotosky, “screams old Pueblo and the southwest”. A chipotle churro will offer sweet, bitter and salty notes, with creamy Evocao, fresh fig jam and candied cocoa nibs with piloncillo.

“It’s basically about taking the things that we have in our backyard, putting them together and letting the Sonoran Desert provide us,” he said. The closing wine of the evening will be Daou’s Soul of a Lion Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lapotosky says these wine pairings are intentional, not just a random glass of wine served alongside each dish.

“There is a real reason the dishes and wine selections will be paired,” he noted.

At a price of $ 100 per person plus taxes and tip, the Daou wine dinner at the Flying V is at 6:30 p.m. on December 12. Reservations can be made by calling 615-5495.

The chef concluded with a final nod to the shared experience he wanted this dinner to represent.

“It’s not about me, it’s not about the Flying V, it’s not about Daou, it’s about good food, good wine and good company.”

Just remember, this is Lapotosky’s Square. No food fights.

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