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By Marissa Sánchez


The highlight of a Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve reunion is the exact moment when almost midnight arrives, family members come to the table to start enjoying a dinner specially prepared for the occasion.

The protocol of these events calls for an impeccable table and a truly memorable meal. But not everyone has enough time to spend several hours preparing dinner. Less after the saga of the Christmas races and the many commitments linked to these dates.

Why not take advantage of this moment to start a business? It offers ready-to-go dinners, even at home, on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day while enjoying and respecting the rules of healthy distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remember to respect the hygiene rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic / Image:

How? ‘Or’ What?

The objective of this type of business is to provide table service prepared especially for this event. Ideally, you have two options for your customers: take out and home delivery.

Although you can offer a wide variety of starters and sides, the main course is usually turkey, accompanied by its respective garnish and a few salads. Another classic preparation is cod. So spend most of your time preparing these dishes.

The history of Christmas cooking is extremely rich. Each region and ethnic group prepares dishes with particular characteristics and flavors. Take the opportunity to give a regional touch to the preparation of your dishes.

To accompany dinner, it is essential to think about drinks and dessert. In this case the punch is classic. As in so many dishes of foreign origin, Mexican cuisine has given this drink its own personality, and to tea with raisins and rum, it adds a large number of fruits of the time such as tejocotes, lime. or guava.

While for dessert, buñuelos are a traditional dish that also acquires local characteristics. Do not forget it perhaps as a gift in your home deliveries.

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