Over 140 Ways to Shop Local for Small Business Saturday in Columbia, SC


Soda City in the fall | COLAtoday team photo

This weekend is Small Business Saturday, and we thought what better way to Support, store, + see some of the small local Columbia businesses that Soda city?

Rain or sun – all year round, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Soda City is a collection of local entrepreneurs which bring unique pieces, handicrafts and products from the South East to fill your belly, your brain and + your body in the heart of downtown on Main Street every Saturday.

Soda City Market is a microcosm of Columbia, a melting pot of cultures and an inviting community experience. Without delay, Here’s a look at over 140 Soda City vendors for shopping local this holiday season.

Southeast Product Stand | COLAtoday team photo

Salespeople who fill your stomach:

  1. 323 Ranch | Bbeef + pork cuts, sausage and eggs.
  2. Adam’s apples and more | Apple butters, jams, marinades + chow chow.
  3. Agape chocolates | Every product sold helps feed a local child.
  4. Ally and Eloïse Boulangerie
  5. The art of charcuterie
  6. Belgian Waffle Maker Truck
  7. BKeD SHOP Donuts
  8. Boeshren | Middle Eastern cuisine.
  9. Brazilian taste
  10. Brown Sistaz Island Vibz | Authentic Jamaican cuisine.
  11. Mobile Buds Cafe | Mississippi Delta food like shrimp + grits and fried fish.
  12. Caffeine cabin
  13. Caroline cookin ‘ | southern favorites.
  14. Caroline doughboys
  15. Caroline Popcorn Co.
  16. Carrie Vine’s Homemade Treats | Dessert bars made from scratch.
  17. Cozy Corner Deli
  18. Curiosity Café
  19. DeVendra’s Vegan Delights Bakery
  20. Donut guy
  21. Altitude restoration | Try their “Bubbleicious” waffles with options like mac and cheese and fried chicken.
  22. Embellished dough | Handmade personalized sugar cookies.
  23. Fat Baby Baking Co.
  24. Gin juice
  25. Gorilla Boost | Plant-based superfoods.
  26. Gruber Farms
  27. Café Haiku 575
  28. Indah Cafe
  29. Indian palace
  30. Kingz peanut truck | Boiled peanuts with flavors like garlic pepper + cajun.
  31. Kīpuka Coffee & Plant House
  32. Kiss My Grits Coffee
  33. Lauralee’s kitchen | Jam shop, okra, + pecans.
  34. Little pizza house
  35. Los Bellos Portales | Latin American cuisine
  36. Los Chicanos | This Mexican food truck was ranked the best mobile food in Colombia.
  37. Lowland olive oil
  38. Lulu’s natural delights | Jellies, jams + seasonal syrups.
  39. Luna’s grill
  40. The Arepas of Mary | A Colombian favorite, these come in varieties like breakfast, cheese + chicken.
  41. Meet your Creamer | These artisanal hot sauces are not for the faint of heart.
  42. Blends & Moore | This UofSC student-led start-up sells jars of mixes for everything from M&M chili three bean cookies.
  43. Paella South
  44. potato man
  45. Pupuseria
  46. Salvanorena Sandrita 65
  47. Fat Cat Rambo Cookies
  48. Rio Bertolini pasta
  49. Shwarma VGfood
  50. Thai street food
  51. Sweet Dreams Edible Cookie Dough
  52. Thai orchid restaurant
  53. Chef Arepa
  54. The sweet shop
  55. The Warmouth
  56. Toms Creek Family Farms | Freshly picked products, eggs, olive oil + more.
  57. Caribbean Trini Lime Café
  58. Gratin | Try one of its varieties of brownies.
  59. Venezuela in a nutshell
  60. Mission Vitale Farm
  61. Yankee and the Belle Foods
Garden Province | COLAtoday team photo

Salespeople who make your brain work:

  1. Abue’s wooden creations
  2. CourKoi & ART
  3. Bee Background Art | Explore the collection of small pieces of art.
  4. Beyond candles and gifts
  5. Blue Laser Dasher Designs | Get a personalized laser piece for the perfect unique gift.
  6. Brain Boy Creations | Buy original paintings.
  7. Cobble & Vine Candle Co. | These candles are handcrafted from organic ingredients.
  8. Color me special | Discover its embroidered products, such as kitchen towels and face masks.
  9. Copper loft designs | Explore her unique recycled copper jewelry.
  10. Leather cross and nails
  11. Deeda’s treasures
  12. Dolphin wooden house | Prioritize your personal care with luxury bath amenities.
  13. Eaddy acres | A local farm in Chapin that offers quality vegetables, fresh cut flowers and handmade soaps.
  14. English frame shop | Discover his vintage framed posters.
  15. Flora & Fauna | Shop for natural soaps, scrubs, lip balms and more.
  16. Province Garden | Calling all plant lovers – explore its collections of succulents, cacti and air plants.
  17. his candle company
  18. Infinite treasures | Shop for her unique gemstone jewelry, crystal, copper and wood carved ankhs, talismans and original decorative pieces.
  19. January remington | Discover his handmade soy candles.
  20. Jedenshop
  21. Jesse Brantley Studio | Discover his modern works of art that include everything from street art to digital creations.
  22. Joe sizemore
  23. Johnson hollow | If you are looking for a unique gift, browse her hand-turned wood creations.
  24. JRL Fine Arts | Explore wall art prints, table decor, and wearable art.
  25. K&C Pet Treats
  26. KY Fresh cut flowers
  27. Kyle Smith Pottery | Discover unique pottery pieces, like ginger graters, spoon rests and sponge holders.
  28. Lil Artist Bri
  29. Brand Lowcountry
  30. Meeting and market | Get into the holiday spirit with its soy wax scented candles.
  31. Metal work
  32. Mod Clothing
  33. Oba Essentials | These luxurious body care products are made with simple, high quality ingredients.
  34. Thrust
  35. Pottery for Daze | Discover his pottery made and painted by hand.
  36. Records reviewed
  37. Sebastien harper/ KiRoKa essentials | Good natural and vegetal vibrations for the body and the house.
  38. Seminole candle company
  39. Shirldart | Buy the children’s room decor in watercolor.
  40. Shop at Mea | Discover its rustic decoration.
  41. Store created by students | Shop for artwork at this student-run booth that promotes student entrepreneurship and creativity at UofSC.
  42. Susan’s succulents and cacti
  43. The Garden Soap Factory | Shop for homemade soaps, sugar scrubs, lotions, and more.
  44. The purple mushroom | Explore the produce of this indoor mushroom farm in Irmo.
  45. The Upside Down Collection | This jewelry company was founded to show the reverse side of Down syndrome.
  46. thirty three butterflies | Shop for trendy and modern dog bandanas and get yourself a matching scrunchie while you’re at it.
  47. Thorn and finch | Explore handmade macrame items.
  48. Truesdale Barkery | Offer your puppy healthy, preservative-free treats.
  49. Vang Flowers
  50. Vista Art and framing | Channel your inner gamecock with SC themed artwork.
  51. Viva Claire Collection | This piece of jewelry is filled with 14k gold, so it will not tarnish and can be worn safely on a daily basis.
  52. Wag more animals | Style your furry friend with these handmade dog collars.

The sellers who cover your body:

  1. A point of faith | Shop for children’s clothing, aprons and more.
  2. Changing the oceans | Each purchase raises funds for the restoration of coral reefs.
  3. Handcrafted T-shirts
  4. CanaBliss Farmacy | Explore its CBD products which serve a variety of purposes.
  5. Caroline Sandlin Jewelry
  6. Charleston Hemp Collective
  7. copper nugget
  8. Eagle House Botanicals | Buy her premium CBD products.
  9. pretty vintage
  10. Gee your dog smells good
  11. The Harlem Closet | Shop for vintage clothes and sneakers.
  12. Vintage head injury
  13. Love at first sight for the Internet
  14. Kathren Česká jewelry
  15. Loopy Loomers | Check out his creative hat designs.
  16. Marsha Marsha jewelry
  17. Modern companion | A specialty pet store that offers accessories, chew toys and more.
  18. Needle and Thread Co.
  19. a people
  20. Pannerpete Vintage | Stay on trend with clothing finds from the 80s and 90s.
  21. RD Naturals | Purchase elderflower products from a registered dietitian.
  22. Royal Salon
  23. SC Wild Flours
  24. Elby Shop | Meet all your loungewear needs.
  25. Stay young | Discover his branded joggers, known for their comfort and style.
  26. Super thrifty
  27. Brand Swiff | Shop her collection of modern clothes.
  28. MC only | One of her gift boxes is the perfect gift for the holidays.
  29. Survival of yesteryear | Discover unique vintage objects.
  30. Drip | Learn more about belts and the lifestyle associated with them.

Non-profit organizations

  1. Actors of change
  2. Healing Paths
  3. SC Falun Dafa Association

Did we miss your favorite supplier? Let us know in the comments, so that we can add them to the list.

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