Palm Beach Restaurant 44 dessert is wrapped as a sweet holiday gift


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When Christmas dinner guests at Restaurant 44 receive what appears to be a wrapped gift topped with an elegant bow, they will likely eat it.

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That’s because it’s truly a frozen pistachio cake with pistachio mousse and raspberry Chambord jelly, topped with a meticulously shaped white chocolate bow.

This isn’t the first time that her pastry chef, Priscilla Munoz, has designed a Christmas dessert shaped and decorated in a way that mimics a holiday emblem. A few years ago, she designed a holiday dessert board centered around what looked like two shiny Christmas balls.

Restaurant 44 executive pastry chef Priscilla Munoz.

“I love making desserts like this that are smart and have multiple flavor profiles,” Munoz said Tuesday. “People expect more than just a cake these days, so I take this opportunity to create a fancy dessert that’s fun too. “

Her ‘holiday gift’ dessert this year is the sweet end of a three-course Christmas menu that managers at Restaurant 44 recently finalized.

The menu includes main courses such as lamb osso buco with mashed potatoes, gremolata, roasted tomato and green beans; prime rib with Yorkshire pudding and broccolini; and seared halibut with leek soubise, polenta cake and chive oil.

The menu is $ 110 for adults and $ 55 for children under 12 (excluding taxes and tips). Seats are between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

For more information or to make a reservation, call (561) 659-3241 visit

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