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Pastry and pecan nuts have long gone hand in hand for Alexandra Coppinger, who, along with her mother, owns Common Tart Bakery in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“I was always with my mom in the kitchen, but one of my earliest memories of baking alone dates back to when I was around 8, baking pecan pie bars,” she says. Her mother was supposed to prepare them for an event but fell ill, so Coppinger, who didn’t want to miss out on the fun, tackled the dessert herself.

“Taking them out helped me realize I wanted a career in cooking. Coppinger admits she wasn’t a big fan of pecans back then, but she certainly is now. “I love to cook with them,” said the chef. “I love the texture they add to our creamy pie fillings, and of course, they add a nutty flavor too.”

Coppinger always recommends toasting pecans quickly in the oven before using them in a recipe, which will enhance their buttery taste. She also suggests keeping nuts in the freezer to extend their shelf life. “The oils in them can spoil,” she explains.

Another pro tip? Pay attention to the order in which you add the pecans to the baked goods. “I like to add pecans – and walnuts, actually – in the middle of the mixture of your dry ingredients, so they’re coated in flour,” Coppinger explains. “This keeps them from falling to the bottom of the bowl and saves you from overworking because you don’t have to mix again like you would if you added the nuts at the end.”

Here, the esteemed pastry chef shares four of her favorite pecan recipes, a few of which are Common Tart’s best sellers.

We still love quiches, but the addition of herbed pecans takes this morning dish (or anytime!) To the next level.

“The more pecans, the better” is the mantra of this cake.

Balsamic pecan nuts

Upgrade your deli board with these sweet and tangy crunchy delicacies.

Classic pecan pie

This traditional take offers a bit of surprise with a pinch of orange zest.

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