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It’s finally that time of year! Cold winters, the anticipation of vacations and a lot of excitement. This season is not called the happy season for no reason – the songs, the movies, the spirit, decorations, everything is so cheerful. Meeting your friends and attending Christmas parties (even virtual ones) makes it even more fun. Christmas has unique traditions, and one of them is Secret Santa. It is the best way to surprise your friends, family or coworkers and make them feel special. As much as Christmas is about holidays and fun, it’s about spending time with family and cherishing your loved ones. So this year pass on all your love through the tradition of Secret Santa!

1. What is the secret Santa Claus?
2. Chocolate box
3. Personalized gifts
4. Perfumes
5. Wool gloves
6. Reusable face mask
7. Books
8. Decorative lights
9. Make-up products
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What is the secret Santa Claus?

What is the secret Santa Claus?

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Secret Santa is a tradition full of excitement, mystery and intrigue. It’s a gift exchange but with a twist. Each person randomly chooses a name and must purchase a gift for that particular person. None of this is disclosed until the day the gift is handed over. Then, when receiving the gift, you have to guess who your Secret Santa is. Doesn’t that sound so exciting? Secret Santa can take place in any group, from your family, to friends or with colleagues. Here’s how you can organize it:

Step 1 – The first step is to write down the names of everyone who participates in Secret Santa. After that, ask these people to write down their wish for a gift. It is their individual choice whether or not to write their favorite gift. A simple “surprise me” is also a valid answer.

2nd step – The next step is to draw lots of names and assign a secret Santa to each person. This is the most exciting part! It’s exciting to know what secret Santa you have become and how you are going to make them happier with your gifts. The crucial rule here is to keep it a secret.

Step 3 – Finally comes the party of gifts where everyone opens their gifts and guesses who they came from. This is the most entertaining and fun part of Secret Santa. The thrill of seeing someone open your gift, notice their expressions, and guess at Santa Claus is what makes it so nice and amazing.

Due to the pandemic, the tradition has also gone virtual. It’s as fun online as it is offline. So, for those who have received a name with no preference for a gift, don’t you know what to give? We have a useful list for you!

Chocolate Box

Secret gift from Santa Claus: box of chocolates

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Who can say no to chocolates? A box of chocolate is the perfect gift for anyone who loves candy. During the end of the year celebrations, you have to eat it without feeling guilty! You can also get Christmas themed or personalized chocolates just to add to the festive spirit. A happy belly and a full heart will be your reward!

Point: If you are familiar with the gift, you can also add a personal note or a keepsake to make it more special.

Personalized gifts

Personalized Gift Ideas

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In Office when Jim was Pam’s secret Santa, he gave her a turquoise teapot. Inside the teapot was a collection of all of their special memories. You can do the same. A thoughtful gift can make anyone feel special and appreciated, and isn’t Christmas all about that? The gift can be anything from a handwritten poem to a photo of your favorite keepsake with them. It should show that you know them well and that you cherish the bond between the two of you.

Point: You can also treat yourself to DIY gifts, like pasting photos of all your favorite memories on board.


Secret gift from Santa Claus: Perfumes

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When you smell good, you feel good! A perfume is always the best gift because who doesn’t like to smell good and beautiful? If you know any of their favorite scents, you can choose it for them. You can also choose a common one if you are not so familiar with their choices.

Point: Make sure your gift is not allergic to any of the scents.

Wool gloves

Secret Santa Gift: Woolen Gloves

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This gift is perfect for the winter season. The gloves are sure to keep them warm in this harsh cold. Again, you can get Christmas themed gloves that look super fun.

Point: Let the quality of the glove you buy be soft and warm so that it is easily wearable.

Reusable face mask

Secret Santa Gift: Reusable Face Mask

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It is the need of the hour! This gift can never be wrong because it is so important in the pandemic. To make it more fun, you can choose a mask with funny patterns. You can also choose a Christmas themed mask to celebrate the Christmas spirit. Or, if you want the mask to be usable, you can just go for a red or green mask that manages to represent the spirit of christmas but can be used all year round.


Secret gift from Santa Claus: books

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This gift is for all bookworms. If you know your gift is a bookworm, give it books. You can gift them with books that are popular today or something that you enjoyed reading or that helped you. Or, there are a lot of Christmas themed stories out there and you can buy one. Make sure to add a little handwritten note at the start of the book explaining why you chose it. Book lovers love this!

Point: If you are not very sure about their taste, you can also give them coupons or vouchers.

Decorative lights

Secret Santa gift: decorative lights

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Christmas is all about the sparkle! Giving decorative lights will help your gift with the decorations. You can also offer them lights that can be used out of season. They can install them in their room to make it more aesthetic and charming all year round!

Point: In addition to decorative lights, you can also add other Christmas decorations to make it more festive.

Makeup products

Secret Santa gift: makeup products

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Makeup is always the right answer for a beauty junkie. If your gift is a makeup lover, you can give them anything from an eyeshadow palette and lipstick to a full makeup bag that includes everyday essentials. The options are endless and whichever you choose they will love it and be in awe.

Point: You can also add care masks or hair masks, which are just as fun to receive.


How to choose a gift for someone?

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Q. How do you choose a gift for someone you don’t know well?

A. You can give them generic gifts like perfumes, chocolates, masks or gloves. However, make sure the gift is usable and useful to your recipient.

Q. Can I play Secret Santa online?

A. Yes, it is possible to play Secret Santa online. You can think of thoughtful freebies like making a playlist, ordering something for your gift from him, or ordering food for him from his address as well.

Q. Should there be a Secret Santa budget?

A. Yes, there should be a budget for Secret Santa so that everyone is on the same page and there is no awkwardness afterwards. This budget should be decided with everyone in mind and ideally should be discussed openly with everyone.

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