Poached Eggs with Moong Dal Cheela: Here are 7 Breakfast Recipes to Start the New Year

Any special occasion is not complete without good food. Appetizing dishes are an essential part of any celebration. And the start of a new year is no exception. For us, the New Year represents a new beginning filled with renewed zeal, a positive attitude and delicious food. Trying to figure out how to start your 2022 with a drool-worthy breakfast? Check out these recipes, and we’re sure you’ll find something that matches your preferences. Remember, it’s not just the first meal of the day, it’s the first meal of the year, so choose wisely.

Here are 7 breakfast ideas to start 2022:

1) Indian poached eggs with spicy avocado, cheese and nuts

The New Year demands all that is special, including your breakfast. This is the best time to give an interesting twist to your usual options. Here’s how you can give a desi and crispy makeover to simple poached eggs with walnuts, cilantro leaves and a little tangy lemon juice. Garnish your dish with an avocado ball and enjoy.

2) Californian breakfast Benedict

This recipe comes to the rescue when you don’t have a lot of time to spare and yet want to do something different. Moreover, this dish gives you the opportunity to taste something new when you are bored of having the same type of breakfast every day. Prepare it in just 15 minutes and serve with a hollandaise sauce.

3) Fully loaded eggs

Eggs are one of the most favorite breakfast options in many households. This New Year, ditch your usual egg-making style and whip up this delicious dish to feast your taste buds. For this you need eggs, sausage, chicken ham and a host of other vegetables and spices.

loaded eggs

4) spinach pancake

Here’s a healthy version of your usual pancakes. Spinach is loaded with protein and you can trust this recipe, as a whole, to be very nutritious. The added bonus is that spinach pancakes will also be enjoyed by children who seem to be very picky about their food choices. This dish has the perfect balance between health and taste.

5) Upma with green peas

How about starting the new year on a desi note? Well if you are looking for an interesting desi recipe this one is for you. The green pea upma is delicious, healthy and healthy. Find solace in a bowl of upma tempered with selective spices and enjoy it your way.


6) Moong dal cheela

Cheela or chilla is the most versatile desi pancake that can be cooked with a number of foods. This recipe is made with moong dal and a variety of vegetables combined in a paste. Serve it hot with mint chutney or homemade pickle.


7) Poha

For all those who like to start the New Year on a simple and healthy note, poha is for you. This recipe takes just 30 minutes and can be made with spices and ingredients readily available in your kitchen. In many places, people like to enjoy it with sweet jalebis or tarri (sauce made from chana).


With this list, you wouldn’t have to worry about your breakfast plans for the New Year.

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