Prezzo Lakeside presents a new Christmas menu

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas! This holiday season at Prezzo Lakeside, our goal is to help everyone “love every moment” and make up for lost time. This is why the team has concocted a totally unforgettable festive menu, full of a delicious selection of Christmas specialties, with some tasty surprises in addition for every moment of this winter.

So put on your hats and gloves, embrace the cold, grab your loved ones – the new menu is now available at Prezzo Lakeside!

The “Giving Back” moment

As well as bringing a menu full of flavor and festive food, Prezzo is enthusiastic and determined to make sure everyone (not just the customers!) Has a very Merry Christmas.

Thanks to Prezzo’s proud partnership with Feeding Britain, you can use the Christmas menu to fight hunger in the UK for as little as £ 2. All you have to do is place an order for the “Secret Sprouts” (Ingredients = 0% Sprouts, 100% Donation) and Prezzo takes care of the rest. All profits will go directly to Feeding Britain – and don’t worry, no real sprouts will make it to your table.

The moment to “relax the belt”

To have a merry little Christmas, alongside your Invisible Sprouts, your table will be chock full of delicious new festive menu items, with a set menu offering two courses for £ 18.95 or three courses for £ 22.95 – it’s a gift to celebrate together.

So take a break from your Christmas shopping, let the chill out and get the group together to treat each other with Prezzo’s new entrees. These include the wealthy, wintry Garlic bread with balsamic onions and goat cheese and the nostalgic Classic shrimp cocktail. Vegans can go for the new Italian farmhouse pâté with balsamic onions and grilled flatbread – a perfect comforting and comfortable kitchen.

the Crab and lobster ravioli with prawns makes a festive main course for royalty – or the Three Kings – while the wealthy, indulgent Tagliatelle with mushrooms will propel you through any cold weather or family outing that awaits you. the Christmas burger from Prezzo contains two blue cheese patties and an Italian touch of prosciutto, bringing that something special to the ordinary. Alternatively, you can prepare your appetite for roast dinners with the Beef in Chianti with Anna Apples, and start the holiday season the way you want.

There is something for every taste !

The “Oh, keep it up” moment

Catching up on Christmas is the absolute best time to share gossip, shoot the breeze, and enjoy some long overdue laughs together. And what could be better than chatting over a delicious dessert? Combine naughty and nice in the Chocolate Orange Layer Cake, which mixes a rich chocolate ganache with tangy and Christmas citrus and cream. If there is anything left, you can leave it aside for Santa Claus.

For those times when Christmas preparations make you crave a drink, wake up to the Baileys white flat martini, or warm up with the Festive Aperol Spritz, which adds cozy winter spices to the classic Aperol. If you are expecting a return home, opt for the Hot chocolate with salted caramel, because which hot chocolate is complete without whipped cream and crispy golden honeycomb?

After all, it’s the season to dine out in style!

Prezzo says, “We all missed last year, so Prezzo is more excited than ever to make this Christmas really special for everyone. Let’s make up for lost time together. We can’t wait to help you celebrate!

To ensure the continued safety of Prezzo’s customers and teams, table distancing will always be in place. There will also be disinfection stations and Prezzo will operate cashless.

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