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Masunga salivates on Italian favorite

Mention the popular foods in the North East and one might dream of delele, phane and zengwe.

Certainly, pizza is one of the last dishes that comes to mind when talking about larvae in the land of the Kalanga.

However, that will change soon if Andile Sepapeng is successful. The talented 31-year-old chef is quickly putting the Italian favorite on Masunga’s menu.

In addition to the pasty delight, Sepapeng’s restaurant, Chef Andile Culinary Studio has become famous for its house cocktails, available with and without alcohol.

Located near the city’s bustling bus station, the restaurant focuses on pizza and cocktails, but also offers other fast food, such as burgers and fries.

“I decided to specialize in pizzas and cocktails because they are both people’s favorites and a staple meal. With pizza, we prefer it at any time of the day. In addition, I wanted to showcase and challenge my skills – as a chef I only cook but my passion is baking. I do everything myself, including the dough. With the cocktails, I just wanted to bring a new twist to the exciting taste on offer, ”explains Sepapeng, originally from Molepolole but who grew up in Gaborone.

The company has been in existence since 2017 and includes a take-out service.

“My services extend across our region of Tati-Est. I’m not really wary of competition including big brands because I’m my own competition and my food surely speaks for itself! the passionate pizza maker tells Voice Money.

Its most popular garnish is the “Masala Mix”, a meat treat that contains chicken, beef and bacon. The pizzas are available in three sizes: large, medium and small and are respectively priced at P80, P65 and P35.

As for her cocktails, which look almost as good as they taste, they come with a refreshing twist.

“My cocktails are tailor-made, according to the personality of my clients. The reception was good; people appreciate my products so much, ”reveals the motivated businessman.
Indeed, running your own business has long been Sepapeng’s ambition.

“My love for business started at a very young age. I was still in high school when I was introduced to a business club, Junior Achievement Botswana (JAB); the program really ignited the love of business in me.

“The passion grew and I eventually ventured into several companies after Cambridge, but my real passion has always been cooking,” he repeats.

Four years ago he was able to combine the two with Chef Andile Culinary Studio.

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