Readers Share Their Favorite Snow Day Recipes | Food and cooking

Lisa Schaner shared a simple recipe for Spanish Almond Cake. Made with almond flour, it’s gluten-free and takes less than five minutes to make the dough. It’s almost a kind of tea cake – and would be perfect for breakfast. Topped with powdered sugar and whipped cream, it makes a great treat with a hot drink after a day in the cold.

Finally, a few readers mentioned that they enjoyed a good cocktail when they were stuck indoors on snowy days. Kirk House prefers a vodka martini however, unlike James Bond, House is adamant that his martini is stirred, not shaken. “Shaking it is more violent and will melt more ice, thinning your vodka,” House wrote. “A slight swirl with the cocktail spoon is all that’s needed. Shaking it produces a weak drink, so there you have it, Mr. Bond!”

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