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When my mother was still at home, and after the death of her father in a coal mine accident, the family found itself almost destitute. They lived with their family (relatives) and they lived on cookies, beans, potatoes and not much else. Sawmill gravy was an everyday meal made with water added to a roux made with bacon or other fats and flours. My mom always saves the fat from everything she frys to use later. The sawmill sauce was palatable, filling and inexpensive. My grandmother struggled to feed her 8 children after my grandfather died. I can’t imagine how hard it was for her. Part of this leg of the journey for my family was learning how to use government products, including canned meat, peanut butter, and large blocks of yellow cheese. Honestly, my grandma had no idea what to do with that block of cheese, but my mom remembers that she liked to cut pieces to eat. Americans have certainly figured out what to do with cheese and we pile it on top of anything. It is eaten with savory dishes, sweets, with cold cuts, on sandwiches and on pasta. I love it in grilled cheese and will buy grilled cheese when we go out to eat. I imagine a lot of people still like to cut a piece off and eat it.

This week I realize I’m pushing spring back a bit, but hopefully we’ll get spring sunshine and rain on time this year starting March 21st. If you don’t count, it’s in 6 days. According to many sources, primavera simply means spring and I think that word accurately describes this week’s recipe visually with its bright colors of green, red and yellow. I used half and half fat free for the sauce but honestly missed the richness of the cream. Mom said this pasta dish was so good. I have to agree.

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