Red Rhino unveils new menu emphasizing local favorites and classic bar snacks


When we heard that craft brewery Red Rhino had tapped celebrity chef Sabyasachi Gorai to revamp their menu, we decided to check it out, despite the distance. We drove there on a Friday night, braving heavy traffic. Two hours later, we reached the location and made ourselves comfortable in a quiet corner in one of their multiple open spaces.

While we sampled some of their beers, the highlight was the Mango Chilli Saison, their seasonal beer that tasted like summer in a glass. Among the cocktails, our choice fell on the Gin-Fee (gin, homemade tonic, coffee syrup, roasted smoke).

To accompany the drinks, we were presented with an assortment of starters, each with a unique local connection. RR Chili Chicken is a classic take on the popular Andhra-style chicken dish that includes a generous amount of green chilies. The fiery dish was well executed and made a great pairing with the cold beer. Another must-try is the sinful Coorg Pandi Curry, with its perfect balance of fresh spices, tangy kachampuli or kokum and succulent pork. We also tasted the Black Angel, a chicken skewer with activated charcoal and black sesame. We don’t know exactly what charcoal does, but this dish was surprisingly delicious. It comes with a roomali roti base, so we made it a full meal…wrapping the chicken with bits of flatbread and adding chopped onions for good measure.

Satay The King—chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce—is a good bet if you’re craving Southeast Asian flavors. From the selection of baos, our pick would be spicy chicken and kimchi for its blend of sweet, tart, and spicy notes. Some of our other recommendations.

For dessert, we slipped into Love In The Air, a tiramisu served in a jar. With its combination of bitter coffee and lush layers of mascarpone cream, it was a comforting and indulgent end to a meal. With a focus on local favorites, aside from classic bar fare and all-time favorites like pizza, pasta, and Chinese, there’s no way this menu can go wrong by drawing the crowds.

Rs.1,800++ for two. At Whitefield

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