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“This kid looks awesome,” wrote one Instagram user, reacting to the post about the worm-themed birthday party.

A Reddit user recently took to the platform to ask for help with their daughter’s worm-themed party. Internet users responded and how. There is a chance that the sharing and the answers to it will leave you happy.

The share was originally posted on the Mommit subreddit. It intrigued people even more after it was recently highlighted on Reddit’s official Instagram page. They shared a screenshot of the post as well as photos of several responses from internet users and the response from the original poster.

“The girl insists on the worm theme for her birthday party. My daughter is going to be 5 soon and we are planning her birthday. She insists on having a worm theme for her birthday. I have no idea how I am planning her birthday. I’m going to get out of it. I wentogle for cake and worm decorations and there isn’t much. I’m not very creative, so I thought I would turn to Reddit for some ‘help / ideas,’ the post read.

Take a look at the share to see how people reacted:


Isn’t the job absolutely healthy? If you think this too, then you are not alone. Many Instagram users also shared rave reviews. A few also shared their own ideas.

“Earth cake!” Oreo crushed with layers of pudding and Gummi worms, ”one Instagram user suggested. “This kid looks awesome,” posted another. “So much fun! You can get pillow stuffing at a craft store and stockings to make worms, then decorate with neon fabric paint!” Expressed a third. “Nice answers,” said shared a fourth.

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