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High Point’s newest restaurant and entertainment venue has been slow to arrive.

Relax at the Main Cafe and Bar, located at 144 N. Main St., began construction in November 2020 and opened in April, but the owners wanted to make sure it was perfect for the public.

“We want to be a place where you can come, there’s a positive vibe and the energy is high,” said owner and operator Anthony Anderson. “You can have a bite to eat, something to drink, or something sweet to eat. Whatever you like. We have something for everyone.

Anderson said opening during the pandemic was slightly difficult, it all depends on the mood that is created, which is in the name.

“We want it to be a place that people feel comfortable coming to no matter what you have for a day or an evening to relax,” he said. “That’s part of the reason we moved forward with an opening during the pandemic. People had so many issues, personally and emotionally, that I just thought it would be a great place with a great name to identify what we were all dealing with – being stuck at home, having nothing to do, our lives. social disrupted by an invisible enemy.

The cafe focuses on desserts, cocktails, and live music. Customers can order anything from sweet to savory. The menu varies and ranges from light fare like roasted vegetable flatbread and vegetable spring rolls to the most life-saving dishes including chicken wings, collard greens and macaroni and cheese. Everything is prepared on site except the desserts, which are prepared by Favor Desserts in Durham.

“We have a pretty good menu of food items to offer,” he said.

The Thomasville native knows the area well and admits that this shift has always been difficult for businesses in the past, but believes the concept of live music will help draw people to the area. He said the reception so far has been excellent.

“We’ve had some difficulty communicating with the public about who we are and what we do, but I think we’re coming to a turning point in terms of visibility,” Anderson explained. “We have quite a few people coming from Greensboro and Winston-Salem to hang out with us.”

The former soccer teacher and coach is passionate about business and also owns Cafe Unwind, located at 9 E. Main St. in Thomasville. It was originally going to open at the exact location of High Point years ago, but another company beat it in the fist.

“I have a passion for educating people. Now I just do it in business and finance, ”he said. “I am always looking for opportunities to teach and coach.

Anderson will have plenty of time to teach. Like most businesses over the past year, he said he was missing an important aspect of his business: people.

“Right now, it’s so difficult to find workers. It’s rough. That’s the challenge of it all right now, ”he said. “Everyone has the same problems. That’s why I ended up at the cafe everyday most of the time. It’s a little hard to find help.

Anderson is desperately working on as he continues to provide High Point with an alternate entertainment venue.

“That’s what really makes us different. We have live entertainment, at a minimum, two days a week. We have some great bands and talent here.

Anderson says he spends the start of his weeks reaching out to Triad groups and various talents to get them to come to Unwind. Although space is limited, it is ready to work with anyone who wants to play.

“When they leave, they are already booking for next month. I even notice that other places have managed to bring them to town, ”he said. “I think right now we’re sort of, in some ways, leading the way when it comes to hosting live music at High Point. We have very limited space, but the response has been excellent.

A track that Anderson intends to maintain.

“We plan to continue to become a city staple and continue to generate traffic downtown,” he said. “If we don’t have anything, nothing is happening in this hallway. Obviously, there is no other business that is open during business hours that generates traffic downtown. So right now, we really are a destination. But I think we have the capacity to be the foundational part of the city.

For more information, timetables and a menu, visit

Chanel Davis is the current editor-in-chief of YES! Weekly and graduated from NC A&T SU in 2011 with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She worked for daily and weekly newspapers in the Triad area.

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