REVIEW: Dive “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” with the 50th Anniversary Menu at Be Our Guest, including the Nostalgic Nautilus Glow Cube, Ned Land Cake and more

Be Our Guest at the Magic Kingdom serves up nostalgia in the form of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” menu items. Two drinks, an appetizer and a dessert are part of the ongoing 50th anniversary celebration at Walt Disney World. These four items are new to the menu.

Be Our Guest offers a fixed price menu. Adults pay $ 62 while children pay $ 37. This review only covers the menu “20,000 leagues under the sea”. Be sure to read our full review of Be Our Guest since it reopened last summer.

The Nautilus – $ 15

Dive deep into the majestic sea. A blue raspberry slushy with Swedish fish and a special luminescent cube from 20,000 leagues under the sea


This drink is brilliant in its simplicity.


The Nautilus is served in a fish bowl which is perfect.


Swedish fish is also a great touch.


The light cube steals the show.


The “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” logo is just the beginning.


After removing the light cube, we found some amazing graphics. Here is the giant squid.


It’s the Nautilus!


The light cube has bubbles, which makes the Nautilus appear to be below the surface.


This is a standard yet delicious blue raspberry slush. We didn’t find it too sweet, as it often is.

Revenge of the Squid – $ 13

A Michelada with a salty rim and topped with charred octopus and cucumber. Be careful; the giant squid is back!


Our server warned us it was bad, but we had to try it.


The drink is a very bad Michelada. The blue coloring leaves a lasting mark on the hands for hours.


A statue of a diver is brought to the table with the drink. Makes a nice shot, but this hastily brewed drink isn’t worth trying. The guests do not keep the statue.


In fairness, Magic Kingdom restaurants are not equipped to make good cocktails. There are no bartenders. We give it an “A” for the effort but an “F” for the taste.

Captain Nemo Octopus

Seaweed salad, cucumber, pickled beets, hearts of palm, tapioca crackers, beetroot mousse and carrot-ginger silk


This aperitif is despicable.


It is served cold, because it is a salad. This is not the problem with the dish.


The octopus is way too rubbery and slimy.


This surprises us because every dish of squid we have had at Walt Disney World is excellent. We recommend sticking to the options of Toledo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood or Tiffins.

Ned Land sea cake

Lemon and strawberry cake, microwave pistachio cake, chocolate stones, gray stuffing and Swedish fish


The presentation is adorable. It captures the classic attraction well, from the famous rocks to the mermaid and fish.


Lemon and strawberry cakes are fresh and chewy, as are pieces of pistachio cake. It is a cute and pleasant dessert.

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