Review: Sunday dinner in a country pub where the menu offers more than traditional roasts


Sunday dinner – can you beat it?

Any home cook will know that preparing and serving a delicious traditional roast is not effortless and usually involves spending most of Sunday morning working in the kitchen working on a hot stove. So the opportunity to get out and enjoy the treat, now we are all getting a little braver after many lockdowns and scary covid rates, was welcome.

But where to go? If you’ve ever pondered this question, you’ll know that there are plenty of places in and around Teesside that serve delicious Sunday dinners. We booked a table at the very popular Bay Horse in Great Broughton, just outside Stokesley, judging at least by the number of our diners.

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A pleasant drive to the country village which is just on the doorstep of Teesside made our family party of five well organized. We were greeted by the staff, shown to our table promptly, our drink order was taken and we had to study the menu.

We left with the traditional Sunday lunch in mind and the hand carved roast dinner menu, all £13.95, offered a choice of roast beef, lamb, chicken, pork or nuts, all served with seasonal vegetables, roasted and mashed potatoes, puddings and Yorkshire sauce. . The servers were pleasant and prompt and took our order – two beefs, two chickens and a lamb – leaving us to settle down with our drinks.

We didn’t wait long before the plates were brought out, piping hot and placed on the table next to separate bowls of vegetables to serve us. There were three types of vegetables, carrots, broccoli and rutabaga mash, plus mashed potatoes in the bowls and there was plenty to go around – the creamy mash, in particular, stood out. proved to be an instant hit.

The vegetable bowl served with the roast dinner menu option

We have nothing to reproach him with; the meat, roasts and Yorkshires were flavorful and the vegetables served just the right side of cooked but firm. Knowing that a few of our family group have a sweet tooth or two, we dove straight into main courses and overlooked starters in favor of desserts, but there was plenty to choose from, including a classic prawn cocktail. , £6.50, and tinned cooked Camembert served with crusty bread for £7.95 to name a few.

If you have someone who doesn’t like roast dinner, the Sunday menu also has a number of different options – a great touch to suit all tastes. The menu also offered a Bay Horse Chicken Parmesan served with hand cut fries and a dressed salad, £15.95, homemade lasagne, £11.95, homemade spicy cod and salmon fishcakes, £13.95, Steak, Beer & Mushroom Pie, £13.95, and Prawn & Avocado Salad, £19.95, again to name a few of the dishes to Choose.

So desserts. There was a choice of eight, priced at £4.95, including traditional treats guaranteed to generate a few ‘oohs’ from diners. Traditional steamed sponge pudding and proper custard, caramel apple granny, chef’s banoffee for example – but we opted for the deluxe chocolate cake with ice cream, the house cheesecake which was meringue with lemon and homemade apple crumble and custard. We fell in love with the cheesecake which was light, tasty and highlighted on the plate by sprinkled pieces of meringue, a fresh strawberry and blueberries.

Lemon meringue cheesecake turned out to be a hit
Lemon meringue cheesecake turned out to be a hit

There was plenty of space around our table, so the nervous ones among our group, namely me, felt safe. We couldn’t fault the food or the friendly, polite service – a great meal and no washing up either. Win, win.

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