Rhea Kapoors “Simple Menu” is a sumptuous spread that will make your mouth water

Famous foodies entertained us this Diwali with their treats and feasts. While the Diwali hangover is still pretty lingering, let’s take refuge in some of these celebrity culinary updates from their festive gatherings. Producer Rhea Kapoor’s gastronomic indulgence immediately made us salivate. Rhea, Anil Kapoor’s daughter, showed us her Diwali plate and we couldn’t help but be stunned with so many delicious dishes on the table. The producer and fashion stylist reposted a photo from Chef Shriya Shetty’s Instagram Stories and we see an array of nine dishes on a decorated table. The chef added his remark: “‘Simple menu’ is not a term in Rhea Kapoor’s dictionary (and I love it).”

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Get ready before telling yourself what delicious food graced the Kapoor family’s Diwali night. In Rhea Kapoor’s close-up videos, we noticed a salad, lotus root chips, spicy mutton curry, coconut beans, a side dish of shrimp and pork. Rhea also showed us the menu card for the evening – it mentioned mouthwatering foods like roasted ghee chicken, garlic butter lobster, neer dosa, ghee rice, and pomfret fries.

Instagram Story by Rhea Kapoor

If you think this set is too much for a night out, Rhea Kapoor is here to prove you wrong. She and her family indulged in more dishes. Chef Shriya Shetty posted photos of the feast on his Instagram timeline and what we see there will send hunger pangs in our stomachs in a jiffy. We see plates of succulent starters on the menu. There are mutton kachoris with smoked pepper, podi idly skewers, and musk melon and cream cheese skewers to win everyone’s hearts.

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Rhea Kapoor is a self-proclaimed foodie and we have no reason to doubt it. But she herself is also a fabulous cook. In fact, her friends enjoy her cooking skills from time to time. When Rhea recently whipped up some of her signature dishes, celebrity pastry chef Pooja Dhingra posted her photo on Instagram and asked the film producer to write her own cookbook. Pooja wrote: “She captioned it: ‘Start a petition for Rhea Kapoor to write a cookbook.”

Rhea Kapoor’s soul food will send us treats every day. Can you guess what it is? Rhea loves to enjoy mac and cheese, especially when she cooks it. She pairs this dish with other finger-licking treats like fried chicken, cornbread, Brussels sprouts and blackened fish with corn salsa. She also adds a salad and a hot sauce buffet.

Thanks to Rhea Kapoor for sharing her delicious food diaries with us.

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