Samah Dada shares her favorite vegan recipes and cooking tips

GM: When did you start cooking? Who or what is your biggest culinary inspiration?

SOUTH DAKOTA: I’ve always found myself in the kitchen since a young age, even though it mixed macaroni and cheese with that (suspicious) orange powdery stuff (I know, maybe it’s being generous to call it “cooking”) from my youth . But above all, and above all, it was my respectful respect for my mother who cooked Indian food almost every night for my family. Dinner together, at the table, was not something you could rule out in my house, and we waited until everyone was seated at the table before scooping up some fluffy basmati rice, dal and vegetables and tearing up the roti to pinch the vegetables. with our fingers.

I was always amazed at how well she threw the ingredients into the pan, relying only on her eyes and andaz (which translates to something to the effect of “your own style”, in Hindi ) to conjure up beyond delicious dishes in no time. The women in my family are my greatest culinary inspirations – be it my mother and the impact she had on my recipes and my life in general, my aunt (whom I call Amiya) who was a restaurateur in Australia and who is our family’s home cook. compass, and my grandmothers Nanu and grandma who instilled nostalgia in many of the dishes I create today.

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