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Did you know one on three bites of food depend on bees for pollination, and the annual value of pollination services worldwide is estimated at more than $125 billion—or about $20-30 billion—in US agricultural production?

Or maybe you didn’t realize that more bees equals more guacamole. According to earthly justiceresearch by the Pollinator Stewardship Council shows that when bees and other pollinators pollinate avocado, they increase the fruit yield of the plant by 350%, and the fruit can weigh up to 18% more.

Unfortunately, here’s another fact we can’t ignore: the EPA reports that almost a third of all bees in the United States have died in the past five years.

Given the seriousness of these bee-centric facts, it’s more important than ever to do what we can to cherish, support and save our global bee populations, and luckily for us, it can be easy and delicious thanks to a new leader- inspired campaign aimed at precisely that.

With Earth Day fast approaching – April 22 – this year, there’s no better way to do what you can to start protecting the Earth than with a delicious menu designed to help one of Mother Nature’s most important creatures, the bee.

This month, Toro Latin Kitchen & Tequila Library, Le Méridien Dania Beach’s enticing and contemporary culinary destination, is participating in a new global brand campaign dubbed Viva Abejas in celebration of Pachamama – or Mother Earth. Translating to “long live the bees,” the menu is available from now until April 24 at a number of participating restaurants around the world, including states like Arizona, California, Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. For a complete list of restaurants, go to here.

The Vivas Abejas menu celebrates Earth Day and the importance of saving our pollinators.Latin cuisine Toro

During the Viva Abejas celebration, guests can indulge in a noteworthy experience from Chef Richard Sandoval, the culinary visionary behind the chain-wide campaign that aims to incorporate food-centric products. bees such as edible flowers, honey, bee pollen and avocado.

The idea is to celebrate the bee-supported, bee-made products we love the most, while remembering the importance of bees to our culinary ecosystem – especially in Latin cuisine where bees are the primary pollinators. plants like agave and avocado. .

According to Sandoval, the aim of this tasty new campaign, sponsored by Patrón Tequila, is to pay tribute to the importance of bees in the food cycle on which we all depend. More than two dozen restaurants around the world serve Sandoval’s Viva Abejas menu, and a portion of proceeds from items purchased from the menu are donated to the Help the Save the Bees Foundationwhich helps inspire and educate others about the fascinating nature and vital importance of bees, the challenges they face, and their impact on our planet and the human race.

Plus, in a playful call to action, the menu includes a variety of cultural educational opportunities through food and drink, including cocktails that come with sachets of wildflower seeds that guests can plant at home. to help stimulate and support the dwindling bee population.

Toro aims to create an elevated, yet accessible, contemporary expression of Latin cuisine without borders, using ingredients from Central and South America. Recognized internationally for its innovative combination of Latin ingredients and modern culinary techniques to create thrilling and sophisticated flavors, Sandoval has been dubbed the “Father of modern Mexican cuisineand he built the largest tequila collections in North America and the Middle East.

Photo courtesy of Toro Latin Kitchen

That’s certainly true with its new limited-time Vivas Abejas menu, which includes an appetizer. Rainbow quinoa with bee pollen (avocado, mashed green peas, lemongrass, candied Meyer lemon and flowers from the organic garden); two input options: Farro Coconut Risotto (acacia honey, ancestral carrots roasted in faro-coco milk, mascarpone, roasted vegetable jus and green sprouts) and Charred Crispy Tostada (mashed avocado, bee pollen and cilantro foam). For dessert? Avocado panna cotta (lavender crumble, blood orange sauce and honeycomb ice cream).

Special drink selections will include “The Queen Bee,” made with bourbon, sherry, thyme syrup and honey; “Honey Lavender Margarita”, based on Tequila Patrón Blanco; “Honey Lavender Lemonade”, combining freshly squeezed lemon juice and lavender-infused honey simple syrup; “Pachamama”, made with Ilegal Mezcal Joven, lavender and citrus infused honey and lemon juice; “Bee-Cante”, Patrón Reposado, simple syrup infused with ginger and homemade red pepper, Yellow Chartreuse; and the “Mok-Chi”, made with honey agave syrup, fresh lemon juice, spicy chamomile, ginger slices, Patrón Reposado and Drambuie.

Next time you decide to dine out this month, consider #ProtectingTheEarth with the Viva Abejas menu at Toro, and do what you can to help #SaveTheBees. Also, if you donate through the restaurant Viva Abejas donation page for Help Save The Bees Foundationyou will be entered to win a $150 dining credit at the Richard Sandoval Hospitality restaurant of your choice.

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