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Baked in Color founder Julie Waxman literally ate the rainbow.

Her baking business offers colorful desserts, from her signature rainbow cookies to brownies and cakes, all available in many sizes and colors. As the organization ships nationwide with Goldbelly, its first in-person Westchester location opened in Larchmont on Wednesday, May 18.

While the company seeks to spread happiness to others through delicious, colorful treats, creating Baked in Color was also a dream that allowed Fox Meadow resident Waxman to put her previous work experience to good use. In 2016, when she started Baked in Color, Waxman had graduated from Cornell University, sold the cookie company she started in college, and had more than two decades of experience in the business. Retail. While growing in her previous jobs, she learned to negotiate in large teams, developed strong relationships and expanded her merchandising skills.

“I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s, and then I was ready to try something new. I felt like I wasn’t learning much. I didn’t feel creatively challenged or excited,” Waxman said.

A chance trip to the grocery store, where she passed by rainbow-colored bagels, proved the creative jolt Waxman needed to start his new venture. Amid the growing trend of colorful food products, cookies, except for macarons, were still stuck in beige and brown. Armed with her best-selling chocolate chip cookie recipe from college and her skills in sales, marketing and product development, Waxman focused on finding the perfect hues to break into the colorful food market. .

When her test with her friends and family showed overwhelmingly positive results, with more than half of them deciding to order more, everything else fell into place.

“I launched my website and then we rolled out to Manhattan. We had a booth in New York [City], and we got a ton of exposure on social media immediately. A lot of food influencers were posting because besides being delicious, the cookies are so beautiful. They’re so visual and lend themselves to social media,” Waxman said.

Its Rainbow Cookies excel as party favors and items sold to support team sports or for birthday celebrations, but Baked in Color also offers customizable treats suitable for any occasion. As the pandemic wanes, Waxman hopes his store in Larchmont will provide a great place for people to gather for a snack.

“I love Larchmont. It’s a beautiful community and the people are lovely. We have found a beautiful space in a wonderful community and we are thrilled to be here,” she said.

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