Seasonal dessert returns to McDonald’s menu for a limited time

As winter approaches, the windy weather heralds the return of seasonal favorites. Specialty hot chocolates and hot desserts are making a comeback, and the McDonald’s menu is no different.

According to CNN, the popular fast food restaurant is bringing its holiday pie back for a limited time to parts of the United States.

McDonald’s has launched festive baking in various parts of the United States over the past 10 years, and so far this year pies have been spotted in several states, including Oregon, Illinois, and Texas.

Hopefully Louisiana will be added to this list as well.

According to McDonald’s, the holiday pie is a “mouthwatering pastry” filled with vanilla cream and baked in a buttery crust (similar in shape to its rectangular apple pie) and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

The company says the pie will be available until early January and will retain its “rare treat” status by not being released nationwide.

This is quite similar to how the McRib was sold and marketed for a number of years, until its nationwide launch in 2020.

With the return of the holiday pie comes another special seasonal McDonald’s launch.

CNN reports that from December 13 to 24, the fast food chain partnered with singer Mariah Carey to offer a different free menu item each day – dubbed the “Mariah Menu” – featuring some of her favorite selections.

To be eligible for the free item, customers must place an order (minimum $ 1) through the McDonald’s app.

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