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If your brother’s birthday is coming up or if he is celebrating a milestone in his life, you want send a gift it is meaningful, useful and as special as he is. Finding the perfect gift can be daunting, so even if you’re shopping last minute, it’s not too late to find something your brother will love. Take a look at some of these fantastic gift ideas, all of which are easy to send to your brother from afar.

  1. Coffee gadgets

If your sibling is a coffee connoisseur and prefers to brew his own coffee at just the right temperature, there are plenty of coffee-themed gifts and gadgets available. You can get her craft coffee beans, coffee-flavored alcohol, a new coffee machine, or, for a particularly unique idea, check out Ember Cup. This handy mug lets you set the temperature for your perfect beverage, keeping it warm while you sip.

  1. Her next favorite book

If your brother loves books, send a gift that he can read! You can’t go wrong with a book – with so many authors to choose from, you can easily send him one of his favorite authors or a new version on a subject he loves.

  1. Plants or Succulents

If your brother is a plant dad or wants to become one, you can send a gift with succulents, herbs, and plants suited to his lifestyle. Rooted is a great indoor plant company with different planter sets. They have herbs if you want to grow your own spice garden, pet-friendly plants, air-purifying plants, and, for starters, easy-care succulents.

  1. Fresh and specialty desserts

What’s better than a birthday cake on your birthday? Well, maybe just a specialty dessert shipped from one of the many amazing bakeries America has to offer. NYC’s Levain Bakery, Mac Lab Macarons, Mini Melanie, Baked By Melissa, Treat House, Dana’s Bakery, Milk Bar, and Insomnia Cookies are just a few amazing bakeries that offer nationwide shipping. Your brother doesn’t have to be in New York to enjoy a treat from Levain Bakery or Baked By Melissa — he can be virtually anywhere in the country.

  1. Art / Deco for his home

If your brother loves home decor and interior design, or even if his walls are pretty bare and he could use some decoration, get him a unique piece of art. There are many artists on Etsy who make unique wood carvings or map art. These beautiful prints from Prospect Print Co. reimagine iconic New York restaurants in a way that will look stunning in your brother’s living room or kitchen.

  1. New headphones or speakers

If your brother is tech-savvy or a music lover, he probably spends a lot of time with his headphones and speakers. If he needs new technology, the AirPods Pro are a classic option. While he prefers the look of headphones over headphones, Beats by Dre also has some great wireless and soundproof headphones. Quality speakers are also a must, and if he travels often, you can get him a travel speaker.


  1. A skill-sharing class

If your brother is always talking about exploring and learning new skills but never seems to find the time, a Skillshare class might be perfect for him. Skillshare is a learning platform that will give her access to courses in photography, illustration, animation, writing, personal care and languages. Skillshare will allow your brother to learn from experts in different industries, so if he always talks about topics he wishes he had specialized in or courses he wishes he had taken, this is a great opportunity for him present these new ideas.

  1. One-of-a-kind sports equipment

If your brother is a sports fanatic, you might find a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat printed with his favorite team or player. You might find out when his favorite team is in town and surprise him with tickets. Or, for something with a more unique twist, check out these artistic basketballs and basketball hoops from round21. These great designs can serve as both a tribute to your brother’s love for sports and unique decor for his home.

  1. Nintendo Switch or PS5

If your sibling loves video games, see if he has any particular consoles or games on his wish list. The PS5 was previously sold out for months and has only just returned to stock, so this may still be on your bro’s wishlist. Consider contributing funds to a PS5 or games they can play once they get it. Maybe your brother is a PC gamer, in which case a computer monitor or LED lights for his gaming setup might be a great idea. Finally, if your gaming-loving sibling doesn’t have a Nintendo Switch yet, he’d probably love one. Even if you’re not a gaming expert yourself, the Nintendo Switch has beginner-friendly games so you can play together.

There are plenty of unique gifts for sports bros, techie bros, artsy bros, foodie bros, and everything in between. Just be sure to consider his personality and interest in finding a worthy gift for your amazing (and lovingly boring) sibling.

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