Service, quality, variety and new ideas are the hallmarks of Genesis Hospitality Group

TEMPTING TASTINGS: “We always plan to grow with new acquisitions and openings,” says Eben Copple, Hospitality Director of Genesis Hospitality Group. Proof Pizza on Nassau Street is one of Genesis’ popular restaurants. The photo shows favorites such as Porky Pie (top left), Autostrada (top right) and Puglia Pie (bottom left). Slices and pies are on the menu and made with the freshest ingredients.

By Jean Straton

NOTNew acquisitions, new ideas and new concepts drive Genesis Hospitality Group.

Based in Hamilton, the company has more than nine restaurants, bars, bakeries, inns and boutique hotels in the area. In Princeton, the number includes The Peacock Inn, Chez Alice, Bread Boutique and Proof Pizza.

Its first acquisition was the Washington Crossing Inn in 2009, followed by The Yardley Inn, Di Bartolo European Bakery in Haddonfield and Collingswood, and recently the Lambertville Station Restaurant and Inn.

A division of Genesis Biotechnology. Also headquartered in Hamilton, Genesis Hospitality was born out of Genesis Biotechnology CEO Eli Mordechai, Ph.D.’s intention to provide diversity and explore new concepts.

New Acquisitions

“It was Dr. Mordechai’s idea to branch out and provide these new acquisitions,” says Eben Copple, director of hospitality at Genesis.

A former chef, Copple has worked at Genesis since 2018. Previously, he was a chef at several restaurants in New York and for many years at the Yardley Inn.

The opportunity to join Genesis offered a new adventure, he says. “Development has been one of the exciting parts of the business for me. It’s fun to create a new experience for people to enjoy. We distinguish ourselves because we are always looking for something different to bring to each location. Our restaurants, bakeries and hotels are places like no other. We strive to be different, with high quality and excellent service. Genesis owns each site, he points out, but each entity operates independently.

It’s important to keep costs down for customers while offering a variety of dining experiences, he adds. “We have strived to keep our prices affordable while continuing to provide the highest quality dining options and service. We are also very proud of our staff members. Many have been with us for a long time.

And there’s always something new on the agenda, he adds. Currently, plans are underway for the Nassau Diner, which is slated to open in May at 82 Nassau Street.

Arts and Sciences

People love dinner parties, notes Copple. They can bring back memories of fun times, and it’s always good to have another informal eatery when you’re craving something casual.

Next to the proposed new restaurant is Proof Pizza at 84 Nassau Street, which opened in 2020. “The proof is in the pizza” is its motto, and like its website points out: “At Proof, baking pizza is both an art and a science. Our menu is steeped in seasonality, using many fresh local vegetables and herbs in peak season to showcase bright colors and refreshing flavors. Whether you’re looking for traditional New York-style pizza, farm-inspired vegan pies, or carefully selected salads, there’s something for everyone.

“We think this is the best pizza around,” says Wayne Susser, assistant hospitality manager at Genesis. “We have a lot of variety, it’s high quality and our pizza is very different. This is how we make the dough, with its two-day fermentation and our crispier crusts.

Among the most popular pizzas are the square-shaped Brooklyn and the Truffle, with arugula and roasted mushrooms. A variety of toppings – tomatoes, olives, onions and pepperoni peppers, sausages, pork rolls and bacon – are available, and whole slices and pies are popular.

Variety and Excellence

Sandwiches, salads, desserts, and bottled drinks are also on the menu, and the attractive, bright setting with its interesting decor invites customers to hang out enjoying one of the artisan pizzas. Seating is available for 28 people with additional tables outside in warm weather. Takeout is another popular option.

Princeton’s other locations all have dedicated fans, including the new Bread Boutique, which opened last year. The Peacock Inn and Chez Alice are well-established mainstays in town and also serve to demonstrate Genesis Hospitality Group’s commitment to variety and excellence.

“Princeton is an important place for us, and we are committed to creating exceptional experiences for our customers,” Copple said. “Our priority is to make every day better than the day before and to continue to meet our standards.

“Plus, we look forward to being an integral part of the community. We support various organizations and charities in the community, and we always want to maintain a relationship with the city in which we are located. Looking to the future, we hope to serve even more customers and introduce them to our special signature service.

FFor more information about Genesis Hospitality Group, visit or email [email protected]

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