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Seven ideas for starting a home business

March 14, 2022


In the wake of the global pandemic that has been absorbing contemporary life for the past year and a half, hundreds of businesses have been forced to permanently close their doors and send staff back to pack their bags. As a result, the population has encountered a minefield of unemployment and financial hardship and the job market has become an obstacle course of hiring freezes. However, instead of wallowing in the great abyss of boredom, many people have opted to start their own home business. Now anyone can set their sights on creativity and become an entrepreneur by starting their own business from the comfort of their living room. Here are seven ideas for starting a home business.

cooking at home

It can be difficult to figure out how to earn an income from home, with many puzzled by apparent quick fixes advertised online as “25 free spins when registering in Australia” – and for some they might work, but others may find they are better suited to something creative and some have a particular gift for baking. The verticality of combining a few simple ingredients is amazing, and baking opens the doors to a whole host of different business options. Some may choose cupcakes and learn hundreds of ways to frost their mini desserts decoratively, others may get big and land on wedding cakes, creating theatrical designs and luxurious flavors. Wherever one is on the baking spectrum, everyone has the opportunity to start a business.

Establishment of a catering business

Admittedly, baking is not for everyone. Many people prefer to work with meat and vegetables and enjoy creating homemade meals. It’s a skill that can definitely be put to good use and for someone interested in flavor combinations, it might be time to transform their commercial kitchen. Starting a catering business is sure to attract attention as many people can’t find the time to cook dinner after a long day at work. Offering the option to working families, busy stay-at-home parents, or even lazy college students, and providing a freshly prepared meal delivered to their doorstep could be a game-changer and create an amazing start-up business that can be done from home.

Getting stuck in certain arts and crafts

For those with a creative talent, another home business option is to get into arts and crafts. This sort of thing is very adaptable and there are so many different directions that can be taken. One might discover a skill for realistic drawing and offer pet portraits to hang proudly in a buyer’s home; others may decide to design shoes and paint intricate designs on sneakers; a few different ideas could be embroidery, tie-dye, basketry, or bookbinding. Whatever the passion, there is a business proposition and these artistic creations can be advertised in many ways: on one’s own company website, on the Facebook market, on Esty and many others. The options are endless!

Create profit with the green thumb

With the summer months finally here, many people like to make the most of the warm weather and get outside to do some gardening. It’s another fun hobby that can be turned into a beneficial source of income. During the lockdown, when most businesses closed, garden centers remained open and houseplants saw a dramatic increase in popularity as many novices began to build up their own collection of houseplants . For anyone who has developed an interest in gardening or houseplants, there is an opportunity to start a home business. Flowers are very popular gifts, especially around Valentine’s Day. Giving a bouquet fresh from your garden could therefore be a great way to make a profit. Another option could be to collect cuttings from houseplants, propagate them and resell them – or one could decide to design plant accessories, such as painting plant pots or embroidering gardening gloves.

Working with animals

For animal lovers, starting a new home-based business could be a chance to satisfy that interest. Starting a dog grooming business could be a perfect way for someone to make money while spending all their time with puppies (although it’s worth looking at the safety precautions, insurance and the appropriate products to use). Another animal-friendly business could be a pet walk or sitter, where picking up the animal is just steps away. It could be an ideal at-home option for anyone who wants to avoid the daily commute and enjoy the comforts of their own home.

Start a candle making business

Another way to make money from home is to start a candle business. Who doesn’t love coming home to the pleasant smell of a candle or melted wax? This could be another great opportunity to give consumers something to use at home or buy as the perfect little gift. We could also diversify and produce other scented products, such as bath bombs or essential oils. This idea provides the opportunity for anyone who wants to experiment with fragrances and oils to create something great for anyone’s home.

Offer private lessons at home

A final idea for a home business is tutoring. For someone who has knowledge to offer but perhaps doesn’t like the school environment or doesn’t have time to be a full-time teacher, it might be worth considering the possibility of a tutoring. It can be done from home, online or in person, and it doesn’t require any ingredients, equipment purchases or travel to get to work – just knowledge and ideally some experience. Advertising as a personal tutor is easy and anyone can create a post on any job website to entice students.

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