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Despite the opening of several restaurants in the valley, Thamer Hassan is still nervous when he gets close to a big opening.

Hassan’s family will celebrate the official opening of Shack’s Grill at 9:30 am on Wednesday, June 1 in Hanford.

“It’s a new adventure. I’m a little nervous,” Hassan said. “It takes hard work and effort to be in the restaurant business.”

Hassan’s family owns a number of restaurants in the valley, including Burger Palace in Corcoran and Buzz’s Drive-In in the Goshen/Visalia area. Diners familiar with these eateries will find familiar dishes at Shack’s Grill, though there are new menu items to better suit Hanford’s taste buds.

“We specialize in burgers,” he said, noting that the Shack Western Burger is their most popular. The burger is accompanied by barbecue, lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings and bacon.

“It’s a giant burger,” he says.

The menu also includes pastrami, fish and chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, a variety of entrees and sides including buffalo fries, carne asada fries and wings. There is also a variety of milkshakes, granitas and ice creams for dessert.

“We offer people quality. When people come to taste our burgers, we distinguish ourselves from others by the way we prepare our burgers, the way we make them and the ingredients we use. We focus on quality,” Hassan said.

The family has been in the restaurant business for about three decades, but finally wanted to open an establishment in Hanford “because of the people”. Hassan added that he has family in the area and that a restaurant in Hanford makes sense because the people in the area are so nice.

The restaurant is located at 913 W. Lacey Blvd. in the building formerly occupied by the Chicken Shack. The interior will surprise visitors a bit, as it has had a facelift, with new kiosks.

The first 25 grand opening attendees will receive a free meal after an inauguration ceremony.

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