Shake up the traditional campfire treats with these s’mores drink ideas

Whether it’s a summertime favorite or just a love of flavor combinations, s’mores are always a popular dessert choice. When it’s time to avoid sticky fingers, these s’more drink ideas satisfy both a sip and a sip.

For many people, s’mores are the perfect dessert. From the ability to customize that perfect bite to the sheer number of flavor combinations, there’s something simply satisfying about marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker combinations.

While savory s’more recipes have piqued the interest of some foodies and changing the ingredients can prevent the bite from going stale, the reality is that the flavors can be turned into a sipping treat. These s’more drink ideas could get big cheers even when there’s no campfire in sight.

S’mores milkshake

A s’mores milkshake is a simple idea that many people enjoy. Whether topped with a perfectly flambéed marshmallow or sprinkled with a few graham cracker crumbs, this frozen treat satisfies.

Smashburger is serving up a special hand-spun S’mores milkshake for the month of August. Made with Häagen Dazs ice cream and Ghirardelli chocolate, the quality ingredients elevate the campfire classic. Plus, no one has to worry about the smell of burnt sugar from the campfire.

Hersheypark is known for its sweet creations. Currently, there are special s’more-inspired foods that have everyone talking. Although the S’mores Burger can be a unique salty twist, it’s best paired with a S’mores King Size Shake. This classic dessert associated with the burger is an all-American meal that will delight everyone.

Cocktail S’mores

While the espresso martini may have a moment and the hot chocolate drizzled may ward off a late-night chill, some s’more cocktails shake a grown-up twist on the campfire classic. While many restaurants and bars have their take on the specialty cocktail, this one from Terramor Outdoor Resort Chef Dakota Hatton captures the flavor perfectly.

The Toasted S’mores Martini is perfectly indulgent. From flavored vodka to Godiva chocolate liqueur, it hits that sweet note. But, adding the Kahlua adds a little nuance to prevent the cocktail from being too sweet. Plus, a golden, toasted marshmallow topping is the crowning glory.

Here’s how to make a Toasted Martini S’mores


  • 1 oz. Pinnacle Whipped Vodka
  • 0.75 oz Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
  • 0.75oz Kahlua
  • 0.75 oz half and half
  • Filling: chocolate, graham crackers, toasted marshmallow


  • Add ice and sparkling water to a martini glass to chill.
  • Add vodka, liqueur and half and half to a shaker with ice. Shake.
  • Set the shaker aside, remove the ice and soda from the glass and garnish with chocolate crumbs and graham crackers.
  • Strain drink into prepared glass and garnish with toasted marshmallow skewers.

What’s your favorite s’more drink? What’s your favorite twist on a traditional s’more recipe?

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