Sherry Yard celebrates seasonal ingredients in its recipes, interview

At the recent Kohler Food and Wine Festival, celebrity chef Sherry Yard took the stage. While many people raved about his take on a traditional apple Apfelstrudel, his appearance is more than just a demo of the iconic chef. It’s an extension of his philosophy in the kitchen.

Although there are many food and wine festivals around the world, Chef Yard chose to join the Kohler Celebration because of the company’s desire to give back. This philanthropic arm was just as important to her as celebrating the bounty of the fall harvest.

Moreover, the hospitality offered by the organization is equally vital. As the chef appreciates, hospitality is an integral part of the restaurant industry and is a sentiment shared by many chefs.

Since Chef Yard is one of the best-known pastry chefs, it was obvious that his demo would feature a seasonal recipe showcasing some of the local produce. As seen throughout his culinary career, seasonality is paramount in his cooking. Whether it’s her time with chef Wolfgang Puck or her iconic cookbook, the reality that she allows ingredients to guide what she does.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Sherry Yard. As many people know from Chef Yard’s kitchen, the Farmer’s Market and Farmer Support are built into all of his recipes. While it may have many options in California, the Wisconsin region is bursting with apples in the fall. Choosing this recipe was as much about ingredients as it was about tradition.

With this recipe, it was important for Chef Yard to bring a taste of Austrian tradition. She specifically said, “I believe in keeping recipes alive.” Although some families may pass down some dishes prepared by grandma, this is more than just a recipe. It’s as much a family archive as it is a celebration of technique.

Looking at her Apple Apfelstrudel recipe, I learned that baking technique goes beyond just one dessert. From sweet to salty, the applications are multiple. Still, stepping into the kitchen to try is the first step and hopefully it will bring people back for more.

As Chef Yard explained, this recipe demo is a way to give people the tools to start learning about the techniques and why they’re important. While she may not have had the means to fill her library with tech-focused books, today is different. Now all types of information are readily available.

Most importantly, Chef Yard encourages everyone to start with the basics. Whether it’s her classic cookbook or something else entirely, laying the foundation for becoming a better cook is essential.

With this Apple Apfelstrudel, Chef Yard recommends being mindful when picking apples. From tart to crisp to sweet, it’s all about making an apple shine.

What simple trick does Chef Sherry Yard have for cooking with apples?

With the holiday season just around the corner, Chef Yard has shared some simple ideas for working with apples. Specifically, she said never put apples in water because apples are like a sponge. While she may add a little lemon to the apples to keep them from browning, it’s important to be careful when preparing.

For example, Chef Yard uses both white and brown sugar in some of its recipes. It’s not about making the sweetness pronounced but about finding that flavor balance.

More importantly, choosing the right apples for the recipe is crucial. Whether it’s the sourness of a Fuji or the traditional flavors of a Granny Smith, it’s more than just grabbing an apple from the pile. Additionally, Chef Yard will combine apples into a recipe. Just as a savory recipe develops flavor through layers, the same principle applies.

Ultimately, stepping into the kitchen is key to appreciating the nuances of cooking. A little experimentation can be tasty. While there may be a few imperfections along the way, the lessons learned will make the next run more enjoyable.

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