Slideshow: New menu items from Baskin-Robbins, Culver’s, Carvel


KANSAS CITY — Ice cream brands are doubling down on dessert flavors, from s’mores to peach crumble, to create new frozen products with added indulgence.

Carvel introduces Brookie-inspired soft serve ice cream, a brownie-cookie combination, that blends the flavors of brownie batter and chocolate chip cookie dough, which can be added to shakes, sundaes or sandwiches.

“Summer is a time for creating great memories, and the sweet taste of ice cream is often one of those memorable moments,” said Jessica Osborne, vice president of marketing at Carvel.

Baskin-Robbins’ flavor of the month is Oreo s’mores, which features toasted marshmallow and graham ice cream mixed with Oreo cookie pieces and chocolate cookie swirls.

“Oreo s’mores was originally launched as an international Baskin-Robbins flavor earlier this year, and we’re excited to finally bring it to the United States as a summer staple,” said Jeanne Bolger, Director research and development at Baskin-Robbins. “This new take on a summertime classic was created to capture the memories made during this special season.”

Culver’s is expanding its ice cream lineup this summer. Espresso Caramel Custard has an espresso flavor swirled with dulce de leche sauce, bits of Heath Bar and pieces of gooey butter cake. Peach Crispy Custard has a peach flavor combined with peaches, dulce de leche sauce and granola crumble. The new offerings will debut on July 10 and August 10, respectively, as part of Culver’s Flavor of the Day rotation.

“Creating new flavors of the day is an opportunity not only to surprise and delight our guests, but also to explore new flavors and ingredients that complement our existing range of frozen custards,” said Quinn Adkins, Director menu development. “We’ve been crafting these flavors to perfection for a long time, and we’re thrilled that they will become two of our customers’ favorites for years to come.”

View a slideshow of new menu items.

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