Small Business Saturday: no experience like a Raha experience

Whatever the occasion, you want your event to be perfect. Great environment, tasty food, good drinks are the main requirements that will be at the top of your list. But we all know how tedious event management can be, so why not outsource that to people who know how to handle an event? Why not contact Raha Experience?

Raha Experience was launched in 2020 when David Alexander and Claire Ward, having seen it from the customer’s perspective, recognized that there was space in the market for their services and as such decided to ‘open this event / bar management business. Originally, they started only in event management; however, due to pandemic restrictions, they have not been able to fully function in this space.

But that didn’t stop them, in fact it maybe motivated them to push harder and being the innovative couple that they are, the couple decided to open their own bar and grill where they can respond in full. security to the needs of the event. Raha Experience believes in bringing joy to every occasion. This brand prides itself on being efficient, reliable and knowledgeable.

Efficient service

Sure, you want your event to be everything you imagined and more, but you don’t want to waste money, do you? However, in the entertainment and hospitality industry, this problem of wasting money is quite common. In fact, the costliest part of guest accommodation when done poorly is the bar.

Therefore, to provide you with the best service without wasting a single penny even in day-to-day business operations, Raha Experience applies a unique strategy where it specializes in everything related to bar management. The company offers a range of bar services including installation of point of sale systems for better organization, efficient inventory and implementation of inventory management systems.

This strategy is applicable to all bar service events. In addition, Raha offers a high level training program for people who want to get into the industry. So, if you have or plan to open a bar, they will train your current or future waiters and bartenders or mixologists to prepare them for the workforce.

Reliable service

There are several services to choose from, but to date Raha Experience’s best-selling product is an anniversary package in which the brand offers a menu of grilled meats and deliciously seasoned sides, as well as a range of cocktails and specialty drinks. You can take advantage of this affordable per person package in beautiful and relaxed Blackwood’s Screwdocks (a historic site in Bridgetown).

Additionally, from their bar, the RE Cocktail Bar and Grill, docked in Bridgetown, the team is able to coordinate boat rides and tours that include food and drink. The location and package deals are also perfect for baby showers and other celebrations. For example, for this Independence Weekend, they will be offering boat trips as a special package, which includes starter, main course, cocktail and dessert per person. You also don’t have to worry about decorators and performers, like DJs and performers, as Raha works closely with these professionals to make every event special.

If you want help planning and executing your next fun and successful event efficiently, contact Raha Experience.


Social media: @rahaexperiencebds

Call: 1 246-258-1467

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