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The type of date you can schedule for a third date, with someone you love, as well as explore ways to include other people as a double date opportunity.


Going on dates is one of the best ways to get to know someone you want to develop a romantic relationship with. It’s also a good way to move on to something that will get more serious over time and potentially lead to a long and lasting marriage.

Assuming you’ve met this potential woman or man and you’re probably now planning to go on your third formal date together, making a good one will get things going in the right direction. The fact that this is your third date already means that something good is brewing.

Meeting ideas

As each date approaches, there might be more pressure to make sure each one is more perfect than the last. You try to make the best impression possible, the goal being to make him fall in love with you every time he spends more time with you. You’ll want to find dates that will balance out the moods and previous activities you already had on your first two dates. This will give both of you a chance to explore different sides of each other.

Ideas for a third date

Planning a third date with the woman you want or the man you love is a good sign that you are on the right track. Getting to the third date for many people is sometimes not so easy to achieve.

So the fact that you are planning a third with your person of interest shows that you made some sort of impression on them, a good impression at that. This indicates that they too are willing to explore more of what is more for you, which is also exciting for them. The key now would be to plan a great third date to bring the two of you closer together in a different way. Look for dating ideas that will be different from what you’ve done before, if you’ve had adventurous dates, make that third date romantic.

Ideas for a third romantic date

If your previous dates with your person of interest weren’t all about exploring your romantic sides, as you might have wanted to ease things off slowly in romance, the third date might be your chance to let more romance flow. It will also help you determine if the two of you are romantically interested in each other.

Some romantic ideas for a third date are to take her on a picnic all with desserts, have fun feeding each other. Finding the perfect spot to stargaze or watch the sunset during a relaxed, romantic conversation can also be perfect.

Ideas for third double dates

So just because it’s your third date doesn’t mean you can’t play around with some cool date options.

Another idea for a third date can involve other people instead of the two of you. You can invite your friends to join you on your date, making it a double date. This way, you will each be able to introduce yourself to a different person or people closest to you and see how well each of you interacts with them. For some, it is very important to go further with you.

Fun and playful third date ideas

It’s possible that since your first two dates, you haven’t had a chance to explore the fun and playful sides of each other. A good idea for a date for fun is going to a comedy club together. Learning the kind of humor that each of you loves is a great way to get to know yourself. You might even find that you both have the same sense of humor or that you like each other’s humor. Allowing yourself to become a yes man is a great way to have fun.


Dating people you care about allows you to discover different sides of that person that can either make you more attracted to them or make you realize that they might not be the right place for you the way you hoped.

Getting a third date with a person of interest, however, means that the person is clearly interested in continuing to get to know you better. Coming up with romantic, playful third date ideas and a double date option opens up opportunities to better explore where you hope things are going.

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