Some traditional recipes to try on this festive occasion


A lavish feast is a defining feature of Baisakhi celebrations. Here are some of the Punjabi foods you can prepare for the celebration

The Baisakhi Spring Harvest Festival is celebrated on April 14 and marks the Sikh New Year. An important holiday for the Sikh community, this day is celebrated in a grand way by people both in India and abroad.

The significance of the festival dates back to 1699 when the tenth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, laid the foundations of the Khalsa Panth – the order of Sikh warriors baptized to uphold religious rights and freedom. According to the Khalsa Sambat, Baisakhi has been celebrated since the establishment of Vaisakh 1756 Bikrami on March 30, 1699.

To celebrate this day, processions are held in which people walk through the streets and sing religious texts or hymns of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Five Sikh men lead the procession, representing the Panj Pyaare.

A lavish feast is a defining feature of Baisakhi celebrations. Here are some of the Punjabi dishes you can prepare for the celebration:

Meeting with Peeley Chawal: Sweet rice is a delicacy that is on every Punjabi’s list during Baisakhi celebrations. The rice is cooked with dried fruits and aromatic spices such as cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Sugar syrup is added to sweeten the dish while saffron brightens it with a warm yellow hue.

Kheer: It is a pudding made from milk, sugar and rice. Flavored with raisins, almonds and cashews, the dish is usually served as a dessert or as an evening snack.

Phirni: Phirni is an Indian sweet pudding made with basmati rice, milk, nuts, sugar and flavored with cardamom powder or saffron or rose water.

Kadah Parashad: Also known as Aata Halwa, Kadah Parshad is an important part of Sikh tradition. It is distributed equally among the visitors of Gurudwaras.

Mango Lassi: It is a frothy yogurt-based drink that is either salty or sweet. Fruit can be added to the recipe to give it a unique flavor. Usually mango is added to the lassi at this time as it is in season.

Kadhi: Crispy onion fritters are dipped in a spicy and tangy yogurt sauce. It is a popular dish in Punjabi homes and is usually eaten with rice.

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