Souvenirs and menu from one of Dublin’s favorite 90s restaurants – The Chicago Pizza Pie Factory


The capital has lost its fair share of iconic restaurants over the years. We decided to return to one of the old restaurants in Dublin city center to relive its fond memories.

St Stephen’s Green was once home to the Chicago Pizza Pie Factory, which served the infamous Windy, urban-style pizza to Dubliners.

Those who were lucky enough to visit the restaurant when it was open would have spent many special occasions here, such as birthdays or reuniting with friends after work.

While Gary Perry was browsing through an old cookbook, he discovered a copy of the Irish Punt-era restaurant menu and discovered a treasure chest of memorabilia.

A copy of Dublin’s Chicago Pizza Pie Factory menu

Not only was the restaurant famous for its pizza, but many people will also remember their garlic bread; “It speaks for itself” and its taste is still lacking to this day. At just 2.25 Irish pounds we miss those prices too!

Word says their cocktails were a great addition to the deep pizza. Especially on Friday nights in the 1990s from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. when happy hour was in full swing. If you had room for dessert, the mud pie was a favorite.

A color photo of a copy of the Chicago Pizza Pie Factory menu in Dublin
A copy of Dublin’s Chicago Pizza Pie Factory menu

Not only was it a reliable spot for tasty food, but the old restaurant was a popular destination thanks to its lively atmosphere, with the staff known to jump on the bar counter to dance to ‘The Time Warp’.

Unfortunately the restaurant closed in the late 90s and has been missed by many since.

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A color photo of the exterior of O'Hooley's bar in 1993 on Gardiner Row in Dublin

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