Spotlight on the week: our most viral summer recipes!

If you’re looking for the best summer recipes to try, these are the ones! These recipes are the ones that have circulated the most on our site and are perfect to accompany your summer meals before the end of the season. We’ve got everything from colorful dishes that look great on your picnic plates, to comforting meals, to recipes that will shine when grilled. Plus, don’t forget to wrap up with some of these fantastic drool-worthy desserts.

We also recommend that you download the Food monster app – with over 15,000 delicious recipes, it’s the largest resource of meatless, vegan, plant-based, and hypoallergenic recipes to help you get healthy! And don’t forget to check out our archive of weekly meal plans! And check our Desserts Archives for even more ideas!

This week, we’re featuring delicious, all-vegan, and plant-based ways to enjoy our best summer recipes!

Refreshing and eye-catching summer dishes

Source: Cowboy Caviar with Zesty Lime Quinoa Dressing

These recipes are full of color and full of flavor! These recipes use lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for a refreshing taste this summer. These recipes will keep you full and refreshed, and ready to conquer your day. Try adding this Cowboy Caviar with Zesty Lime Quinoa Dressing from Carol Clayton to your picnic, or even mix it up and bring this Sweet Potato Salsa Salad from Henry Firth and Ian Theasby! For warmer mornings, try sipping this health-promoting breakfast smoothie from Julie Zimmer, or even these Raspados Mexicanos from Mitch and Justine Chapman!

Vegan Mexican raspados

Source: Raspados Mexicanos by Mitch and Justine Chapman

These refreshing and colorful recipes are included below! Try them!

Comforting summer meals

Grilled Swiss Chard and White Bean Sammie

Source: Grilled Swiss Chard and White Bean Sammie

Yes, summertime comfort food is a thing! These meals are perfect for those cooler summer nights when you need something warm and cozy. These recipes range from heartwarming to comforting and are a great choice to eat if you’re craving something a little heavier.

Madras Vegan Tofu

Source: Tofu Madras

Try making this delicious plant-based five-cheese mac and cheese from Joni Marie Newman or even this hot Madras tofu from Henry Firth and Ian Theasby! For a lighter and just as filling lunch, try this Grilled Swiss Chard and White Bean Sammie from Heather Poire or these Tofu Chick’n Nuggets from Taavi Moore that you can serve with a delicious mashed potato !

Eats to pair with the grill

Vegan tempeh and black bean burgers

Source: Tempeh Black Bean Burgers

If you’re looking for make-ahead recipes that will do just fine on a day of grilling, these recipes are for you! These tempeh and black bean burgers and roasted sweet potato and quinoa salad from Ross Bearman, top taste judge and founder of Ross & Ross Gifts will make wonderful meals that are not only full of flavor, but will impress your guests!

Garden Vegan Picnic Pasta Salad

Source: Garden Picnic Pasta Salad with Vegetables, Herbs, and Orange-Miso Tahini Dressing

Having delicious side dishes is important, and this Garden Picnic Pasta Salad with Vegetables, Herbs and Orange-Miso Tahini Dressing from John Mackey’s The Whole Foods Diet and this Rainbow Summer Ratatouille from Hannah Sunderani are wonderful recipes to start with! If you’re looking for even more options, check out these summaries of the perfect side dishes and XX.

Drool-Worthy Desserts

Vegan monkey bread

Source: Monkey Bread

These summer desserts are great to enjoy on a hot day! These creamy matcha green tea popsicles from Larice Feuerstein and this raw vegan superfood cake from Lena Novak are perfect for keeping cool. If you want something for a dessert centerpiece at your summer barbecue, this Monkey Bread by Maria Koutsogiannis would be excellent!

Creamy Vegan Matcha Green Tea Popsicles

Source: Creamy Matcha Green Tea Popsicles

These dessert recipes are perfect for whipping up something sweet to enjoy. Try these simple 3-Ingredient Salted Chocolate Almond Clusters from Michele Elizabeth or this Pecan Pie Protein Fudge from Hayley Canning that can be made in the freezer.

Learn how to cook plant-based meals at home

Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help chronic inflammation, heart health, mental well-being, fitness goals, nutritional needs, allergic, gut health, and After! Unfortunately, the consumption of dairy products has also been linked to many health problems, including acne, Hormonal imbalance, cancerand Prostate cancer, and has a lot Side effects.

For those who want to eat more plant-based, we highly recommend purchasing one of our many plant-based cookbooks or downloading the Food monster app which features thousands of delicious recipes, making it the largest vegan recipe resource to help reduce your environmental footprint, save animals and get healthy! And, while you’re at it, we encourage you to also educate yourself on the environmental and health benefits of one plant-based diet.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

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