Stage 8.0 menu offers the best of the season

The seven-course menu is not your only choice

Who doesn’t like to start a meal with pastry cheese? Show of hands, please!

The Stage 8.0 menu (seven courses B3 500++, B1 700 for a four-glass food and wine pairing) begins with three snacks: Gruyère gougères, Mushroom tart and Millet crab cake. Equally delicious although the cheese puff stands out. Executive Chef Sainisa “Jay” Sangsingkeaw has used the season’s finest produce to his advantage and to delight our palates.

The new menu at Stage in Ekamai Complex, Sukhumvit 63, is crafted on the essence of haute cuisine – masterful culinary techniques using the finest ingredients served in artistic presentations. “We play with the seasons and we have tried to use what is in season around the world,” adds the chef.

The classic combination of pork and apple is recreated in black garlic and kohlrabi pork jowl, served with horseradish “snow”. I love horseradish and felt like the snow needed a little more kick to subdue the pungent taste of black garlic. The apple crisps added texture to the jowl, which was cooked beautifully. The red prawns are deliciously sweet at this time of year and Chef Jay has ensured that the color of the dish mimics the color of the Argentine red prawn, with the help of the beetroot. To get the most out of the shrimp, the head is fried and served for extra crunch. The dish is topped with shrimp shell aspic and caviar, served with pickled beets and a parmesan sauce. Yum, yum and more!

Red shrimp.

Pappardelle ripiene di Coda is stuffed with braised oxtail and served with a cheese bubble, lardo and kale. Cheese on everything, I say! The lamb tang dish is reminiscent of gnocchi with the potato dumplings and ricotta on the bottom. Served with homemade ricotta whey, mix everything together to infuse the lamb jus with the whey for maximum flavor. The acidity of the homemade curd and whey cuts through the flavor of the crispy Australian shredded lamb tang, balancing the dish with buttery glazed potatoes. Give me meat and potatoes and I’m a happy girl!

Lamb silk.

The main courses are a choice, so I chose the quail rather than the line bream from Brittany, France, which is served with an XO crust and wild mushrooms. The Caille Glacée is served with puffed rice and beetroot crisps with artichoke purée. But the star of the dish, along with the crispy fried quail leg, is the salted caramel sauce and the fried quail egg. To cleanse the palate before dessert, a deliciously fresh black tea infused with blood orange appears. A winning combination!


Although the menu is very rich in cheeses, I’m not complaining. You can skip the dessert and have the cheese dish instead. The cheese platter offers three types of cheese, which change often, and a homemade fruit biscuit, jam and honey. I did however choose a dessert in the form of caviar, horlicks and raisin. Mascarpone and Horlicks ice cream, topped with Kristal caviar and a Muscat jelly underneath; three combinations that work well together. “Horlicks reminds me of my childhood and the combination of Horlicks malt with white chocolate is good!” explains Chef Jay. However, leave room for the Dessert Trolley, which is a Stage signature and one of my favorites!

Caviar, Horlicks and grapes.

The dessert cart.

Insider tip: Make sure your table has a full view of the semi-open kitchen, separated from the dining area by huge picture windows…almost like watching a scene (pun intended) of chefs in playing. Stage also offers a four-course menu at B1,900++ (two-glass wine pairing at B900++) and diners can create their own culinary journey. The “Stage Experience” is a 10-course tasting menu (B4,900++, six-glass wine pairing at B2,500). Visit

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