Starbucks Japan Announces First of Its Fall 2022 Menu, Designed by Starbucks Employees

Get into the fall spirit right off the bat with these tasty upcoming items from Starbucks.

If there’s one good thing about the speed at which time flies, it’s how fast the limited edition seasonal offers at Starbucks Japan are coming, and the menu for this fall, the fifth year of Artful Autumn @ Starbucks, is something to cheer about. Conceived by Starbucks Coffee Ambassadors of 2022 (who are Starbucks employees selected through a corporate competition) East Japan, Central Japan, West Japan and Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, the first fall menu of this year takes on the theme of “Notre Table des Vendanges” and is entirely flavored with chestnutswhich is a food associated with autumn in Japan.

Mandatory for every seasonal Starbucks menu is a Frappuccino, and this time is no exception. The Brown Cassis Frappuccino combines the sweet, nutty flavor of chestnuts with the sweet, fruity taste of blackcurrant (also called cassis). Although Frappuccinos are known more as dessert drinks than coffee drinks, the Ambassadors have added a touch of coffee to this one to help bring out the chestnuts and dark undercurrents. The Marrone Cassis Frappuccino will cost 648 yen (US$4.75) to take out and 660 yen to drink in store.

Three new chestnut lattes are also on the way, but only one will be available in each region, depending on who invented it. The Montblanc Latte, for example, was designed by the Eastern Japan Ambassador for customers in Eastern Japan, focusing on how delicious chestnuts and coffee can go together. To revive the sweet texture and fragrance of chestnuts as well as to emphasize their flavor, this latte uses Blonde Roast espresso, which is known for its light flavor, and oat milk. Topped with whipped cream mixed with chestnut syrup, you’ll get plenty of fall feeling with this latte.

Central Japan will get a taste of Brown Honey Latte. This drink is meant to mimic a bright fall show, with its shimmering honey topping. It’s also made with Blonde Roast espresso and oat milk, to bring out the best flavor in the chestnuts. However, this one is topped with plain whipped cream and candied walnuts, then drizzled with delicious honey instead of chestnut syrup.

Finally, the West Japan latte will be the Roasted Chestnut Latte, full of chestnut flavors and aromas. Also made with Blonde Roast espresso and oat milk, but topped with a roasted chestnut flavored syrup, this one will have you feeling like you’re nibbling piping hot chestnuts just roasted over the fire, a kitchen staple. autumn in Japan.

The three lattes will sell for between 520 yen and 660 yen, depending on your preferred size and whether you get it to go or not. With the Marrone Cassis Frappuccino, they will be available from September 1right after Jimoto Frappuccinos disappear from the menu, and will remain until the 20th.

Of course, in addition to drinks, Starbucks will also start offering delicious fall-themed food in September, including a creamy and unctuous “Nameraka Chestnut Montblanc” and a delicious Jonathan apple pie and creamy custard.

Whether you can’t wait for the start of fall or you’re lamenting the end of summer, these treats give you something to look forward to, so definitely look for them at your local Starbucks next month! And don’t forget to try the Internet-buzzing Starbucks dessert, if you can bear it.

Source: Starbucks, Entabé
Images: Starbucks

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