Starbucks Secret Menu Refreshments You Should Try Next


Starburst is a candy candy that dates back to 1959 and inspires fond nostalgic memories for millennials and baby boomers (via Old fashioned sweets). Starburst flavors include Orange, Lime, and Strawberry, among many others. Pink Starbursts, which are strawberry flavored, have long been a fan favorite, so much so that they were released in their own packs, first as a limited edition offering and later as a confection. permanent (via Best Products).

According to Delight, the Starbucks Pink Starburst Refresher tastes like a pink Starburst. This drink will bring back childhood memories of the Pink Starbursts selection in an assorted flavor pack. Now you can have this delicious drink, inspired by Starburst pink candy, all to yourself. According to Totally the bombthis Secret Refresher menu is created by ordering a Venti-sized pink drink with two scoops of vanilla bean powder and a tiny splash of lemonade to give it that familiar candy punch.

Starbucks’ famous pink drink was once a secret menu refresher option, but was added to the real menu in 2017 due to its growing popularity. The pink drink has a slightly sweet and crunchy taste and is made with a strawberry acai refresher blended with coconut milk, passion fruit and a strawberry garnish (via Starbucks).

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