Taco Bell is bringing a fan favorite back to the menu this week

Taco Bell is doing it again. The whole thing kills off a popular item, then temporarily brings it back and whips the loyalists into a frenzy with a kind of limited-time throwback. The latest fan-favorite item to return fast food chain menu? The Nacho Fries, which had been the subject of rumors in recent days and whose return is now official, will be available for public order from this Thursday, March 10.

I know, I know, it’s not the beloved menu item that Taco Bell killed in 2020, the return of which the internet has been salivating for months now (it would be the chain’s iconic Mexican pizza). Still, there are apparently enough fans around this one that Taco Bell is giving people a way to get Nacho Fries early. Starting today, in fact.

Nacho Fries are back — for a limited time

Here’s the deal. While the general public can start buying them on Thursday, if you’re a Taco Bell Rewards member, you can purchase an order of Nacho Fries through early access through the chain’s app. You can do it today and tomorrow, but only from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. both days.

As a reminder, not that Taco Bell faithful probably forgot, but the Nacho fries themselves are golden brown and coated in Mexican seasoning. And then served with a side of hot nacho cheese sauce dip. The other thing to keep in mind is that whether you grab it early or wait until Thursday, don’t delay if you really want to get your hands on it. Because, again, they’re only back for a limited time.

An exterior of a Taco Bell restaurant. Image source: Joshua Blanchard/Taco Bell

That’s probably great news if you’re a Taco Bell fan – but it’s probably not the better news. Or rather the realization of a rumor that has been raging on the Internet for several months now. The one we alluded to above, about the impending return of Mexican pizza – which even celebrities love Dolly Parton said they wanted to review the menu soon.

Here’s what Taco Bell said in September 2020, in tandem with a broader menu overhaul at the time that saw it say goodbye to not just Mexican pizza. But also other things like pico de gallo and shredded chicken.

“We know some fans may be sad to see this one go, so are we,” Taco Bell said of its special “pizzas.” “A silver lining of saying goodbye to Mexican pizza that might help you rest is that removing it from our menus helps us work towards our commitment to leave a lighter footprint on our planet. Currently, Mexican pizza packaging accounts for more than 7 million pounds of cardboard per year in the United States. »

The rumor, as we detailed in this previous post, is that Mexican pizza will return to the menu in April or May. And maybe available in different varieties, as a dessert variant. A Taco Bell fan can dream, right?

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