Tesco launches new Ramadan recipes that are twists on traditional favorites


Tesco has launched new recipes for Ramadan which could be the perfect meal to share with your family to keep you going all day or fill you up when you break your fast. The recipes are created by Dina Macki, a food writer and developer better known as “Dine with Dina.”

Born and raised in the UK to an Omani and Zanzibaran family, Dina creates unique and creative recipes for brands, groceries, supermarkets, restaurants and magazines. The recently announced new recipes have garnered huge praise.

Announcing the new recipes on its Instagram, a Tesco spokesperson said: “We are delighted to launch our brand new Ramadan recipes created in collaboration with @dinewithdina on Tesco Real Food to help our Muslim community prepare for this month. special and sacred.

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They posted a photo of samosas alongside the post, adding, “Go to the link in bio for recipes like Three Cheese Samosas, a twist on a traditional favourite.”

The link takes you to the Tesco website, with loads of recipes. The introductory statement reads: “Bring this Ramadan and Eid together with tasty recipes to try at Iftar. Break your fast with simple dinners, sides and desserts that are perfect to enjoy with your family and friends. your friends.”

Recipes include: Chicken jalfrezi, dhal soup, lamb biryani, mint lamb and pea rolls, cheese samosas, cauliflower pakoras, barfi, basbousa, carrot halwa, vegetarian samosa squares, gulab jamun. It also links to another page, which is full of even more recipes your family will enjoy during Ramadan. Under a heading ‘Our Best Ramadan Recipes’, he adds: “Cook up recipes during Ramadan to share with the family that will keep you going all day or fill you up when breaking the fast, from fragrant curries to fluffy pilafs and crispy vegetable fritters.

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