The 24 best gift ideas for football fans


From the creators of the quarterly football magazine Mundial comes this big book which is cool, charming and full of original information. Serving as a guide to all things football, kids and adults alike will have hours of fun poring over all the fun details and colorful illustrations.

This board game is suitable for ages 6 and up and will see players race to become the richest football club owner. There’s a lot at stake as players seek to buy clubs, dominate the transfer market and hire and fire managers – great fun for the whole family.

The Ultimate Premier League Quiz Book is for all ages and ideal for teenagers to brush up on and learn more about the beautiful game. There are over 750 questions to test your knowledge of England’s top football league, and you can even compete against your family and your friends.

If you know a teenager who is starting to take football seriously and wants to hone their skills, this is the perfect kit to do just that. This is an adjustable training football belt worn around the waist to practice ball control. It is made from a durable combination material and can be used with any size 3-5 football.

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Milk chocolate soccer shoe pattern

If you’re a chocolate lover, there’s nothing like being gifted on a special occasion. This customizable football boot from Thornton’s makes a great gift for foodie football fans. You can add personalized text in icing on this milk chocolate boot, adorned with white and dark chocolate details.

Football, she wrote by various authors

Written by a mix of 20 established and emerging writers, Football, she wrote is an anthology showcasing women’s perspective on the sport they love. The book presents a wide range of stories, memoirs and interviews covering the themes of sexuality, diversity and inclusion. A must read for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of the importance of making football more inclusive.

PUMA Challenger Duffel Bag

For anything other than a pair of boots, you’ll need a bigger bag. The PUMA Challenger Duffel Bag offers plenty of space for any teenager’s gear.

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The starter buddy

The Boot Buddy is a super useful gadget for removing mud from shoes and boots before getting in the car or house, meaning you no longer have to leave your boots outside the front door all week. . It is ideal for football boots, but can also be used on any shoe.

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Kidodo Pop-Up Soccer Goal Posts

Any budding soccer player is sure to love these portable goal posts. Not just for kids, it comes with six targets to improve the player’s accuracy and precision with the ball.

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Stadium building toy

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of going to see your favorite team in person, especially at their home stadium. Why not bring some of that magic home with this stadium building toy, allowing everyone to recreate their own miniature version. There’s an option for everyone, with stadium designs available at Chelsea, Arsenal, Celtic, Wembley and more.

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Best Adult Gifts

To browse more adult gift ideas, head to GOAL’s 27 of the best soccer gifts for dads.

Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson’s Instant Classic Invert the pyramid came at an ideal time for self-reflection, as a nation wondered how an English side featuring Wayne Rooney, Gary Neville and John Terry failed to qualify for the Euro 2008 tournament. The answer is concisely and expertly explained as Wilson takes us through a history of formations beyond the 4-4-2.

Original Chocolate Balloons Retro Candies

These chocolate football candies will be a real throwback to childhood for many people. Now you can buy a whole jar made by a traditional Lancashire confectionery factory. It’s the perfect treat for someone with a sweet tooth and a football fan.

PenalTea cup

Most of us love a cup of tea or coffee, so why not pair it with a passion for football with this fun little mug. It comes with an integrated goal and a mini soccer ball to practice shooting and penalty kicks, but with your fingers as your feet.

71:72- Football's greatest season?  by Daniel Abrahams

This newly published book is ideal for older football fans with fond memories of the 1970s. A thrilling account of a very exciting football season for dads who would love to be back on the terraces.

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Typography Boot and Ball club coasters (set of 9)

These personalized beer coasters are the brainchild of the twin brothers at Boot and Ball. With graphically sophisticated retro designs, fans have their favorite players and football moments commemorated in the form of a traditional beer coaster.

Get these on Amazon for £14.95: Arsenal AstonVilla Brighton chelsea crystal palace England Everton Leeds Leicester liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Newcastle Nottingham Forest Southampton Tottenham West Ham wolves

Clive Tyldesley

There is something special about football commentary to bring football matches to life. Clive Tyldesley will be a household name to those who know their commentators. You can now get a copy of his commentary notes, with a wide selection of games including several domestic cup and Champions League finals.

Subbuteo Team Edition

Before there was FIFA and Football Manager, there was Subbuteo. Challenge your dad to a game of the classic soccer game.

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Headline football book

This A3 size book is filled with full color newspaper pages announcing Manchester United’s most iconic moments from over 100 years ago. This is a thoughtful gift that can be personalized with a beautiful label on the inside page at a later date.

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