The Bavarian goes OTT with super stacked classics and a new menu


CW was invited to The Bavarian restaurant in Woden to try their new Over The Top (OTT) dishes – and they found they lived up to their name!

On a cold winter evening in Canberra, we warmed up with excellent food and welcoming hospitality in the inviting surroundings of The Bavarian at Woden.

My plus one tried the Big Boy Oi, Oi, Oi schnitzel stacked with BBQ wings, bacon and egg and a stack of hot fries. There was so much food he could only manage half of it and took the rest home in a doggie bag.

I chose the mushroom schnitzel with coleslaw and sweet potato fries (since replaced on the new winter menu by a vegetable schnitty). Again, it was such generous service that I took half of it home for lunch the next day.

Although our bellies were full, our gracious host Thiago convinced us to share the classic homemade apple strudel for dessert with a side of Wild Brumby Butterscotch Schnapps. Served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the strudel tasted fresh and was deliciously spiced with cinnamon.

Until July 31, Bavarian restaurants in the ACT and most of Australia and New Zealand have turbocharged their menus with OTT, or Over The Top, dishes designed to replenish, indulge and satisfy even the hungriest diners.

The Bavarian’s schnitzels, sausages, burgers and chicken wings have all undergone an outrageous OTT transformation. The result? They are all extraordinarily big… and good.

The iconic schnitzel has been taken to the extreme, with three versions to choose from ($55 per person):

  • Godfather: giant cutlets, ham, cheese, Kielbasa, Napoli sauce, cheese
  • Matterhorn: mountain escalopes, cheese spätzle, three layers of Alpine cheese, bacon
  • Big Boy Oi, Oi, Oi: Stacked Schnitzel with BBQ Wings, Bacon, Egg

Diners can choose to increase the excess even further with add-ons, including spatzlepork ribs and a maple-bacon waffle ($10 each).

The OTT Burger features an Angus beef patty, chicken cutlets and pork belly smothered in tomato, lettuce, Swiss cheese and drizzled with gravy between a soft bun ($34). Diners can customize their OTT burger to suit their tastes and appetites, with double beef patties and schnitzels ($18), triple patties and schnitzels ($28), and OTT add-ons including macaroni balls with cheese, layers of bacon and triple cheese – Swiss, Brie and Parmesan.

OTT Wings are available in 8 flavors and four super sizes: ½ kg $20, 1 kg $30, 2 kg $50, 5 kg $100.

The humble German sausage can be supercharged in size, heat, or an OTT combination of the two.

  • Long: Longest Nurnberger Bratwurst, mash, sauerkraut, mustard $35
  • Hot: sign your vacationer for our hottest currywurst, with fries $28
  • I Want It All: Largest Wurst Platter (designed for two) with pretzel, sauerkraut, mustard, sauce $65

In addition to several weeks of OTT food hedonism, all Bavarian restaurants relaunched the full menu on Monday, June 20, with even bigger and bolder Bavarian flavors.

New Bavarian dishes include:

  • Brotzeit-Teller: Black Forest ham, cheese, leberwurst, loaf of rye bread and condiments ($18)
  • Käsespätzle: traditional Bavarian pasta ($26)
  • Bavarian Schmanckerl: Crispy pork belly, German sausages, schnitzel, sauerkraut, red cabbage, creamy mash, apple sauce and beer juice ($36)
  • Wurstsalad: Lyoner pork, pickled onions, pickles, radishes, mustard vinaigrette, roasted potatoes $20

Classic dishes remain on the menu, including Bavarian’s famous Crispy Pork Shank, Crispy Pork Belly, Munich Platter and Wurst Platter.

Five cutlets are available served with fries, mashed potatoes or potato salad:

  • Jager Chicken Schnitzel with Mushroom Stew ($26)
  • Schwein Schnitzel with Bavarian Coleslaw ($28)
  • Among with Prager ham, mozzarella and Neapolitan sauce ($27)
  • Naked cutlet with garlic butter and wilted greens ($26)
  • Wannabe a Schnitzel: Plant-based schnitzel with forest greens and a balsamic glaze ($28)

The burgers were also turbocharged with German flavors including the Oink Oink Burger with sliced ​​pork belly, apple coleslaw, roasted onions and BBQ sauce ($25), the Kanzler Burger with tomato, cheese Swiss, Lettuce, Horseradish Mayo and Bacon ($25), the Killer Schnitty with Swiss Cheese, Cranberry Sauce, Lettuce and Toasted Walnuts in a Pretzel Bun ($23), and the Berlin Mitte – a plant-based schnitzel with caramelized onion, lettuce, toasted walnuts, tomato, and vegan mayo in a bun pretzel ($23).

To see the menu and find the Le Bavarois restaurant near you, visit

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