The best Christmas breakfast ideas from top chefs like Donal Skehan and Holly White


  • First, prepare the vegan cheese. Place a colander in a bowl, line it with a piece of muslin and pour in the yogurt.

  • Fold the extra cloth over the yogurt and place it in the fridge to strain for 18 hours. Half the weight of the original yogurt was squeezed out of the yogurt, leaving behind a thick cheese-like paste.

  • To complete this cheese, carefully transfer the dough to a bowl, add the salt and stir well to dissolve the salt. Add chives if needed.

  • Then prepare the “smoked salmon”. Wash and dry three large carrots. Put them in a baking dish with the salt covering them as much as possible.

  • Bake them for 1h40 at 190 ° C.

  • Make the marinade by adding the water, soy sauce, paprika, seaweed, liquid smoke and oil and toss to combine.

  • Take the carrots out of the oven and let them cool.

  • Using a very sharp knife, cut the skin then with a mandolin or slice the carrots finely lengthwise.

  • Cut them as thinly as possible and place them in the marinade and refrigerate for up to 24 hours.

  • For the blinis, lightly brown the carrot and garlic. In a large mixing bowl, add the chickpea flour, nutritional yeast, water, salt, pepper, and sautéed carrots and garlic. Whisk until blended and let the batter sit for 1 minute to form a thick consistency.

  • Add 2 tablespoons of batter for each pancake. Use the tablespoon to roll out the dough until it is about 3 inches in diameter.

  • Cook, 3 to 4 minutes, over medium heat, until a golden crust forms at the bottom and bubbles rise to the surface. Flip and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes, until golden brown.

  • Let cool before adding the cream cheese and the salmon. Add fresh chives and freshly ground black pepper.

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