The best family DIY ideas for the perfect homemade Christmas

Another revelation is, a website featuring online workshops and kits from a selection of artists and artisans, designed to help people like me unleash their inner creator. “Craft supplies can be quite kitsch; I wanted to learn how to do the beautiful things you see on Instagram, ”says founder Sophie Rochester.

There is no shame in cheating, I decide, when you are supporting a small business – and learning a new skill at the same time.

After a weekend of creativity and perfecting at our home in London, here are 20 handmade Christmas decorating, gift and wrapping ideas to try right now that will hopefully bring a smile to your faces. relatives.

Top 20 family craft ideas for the holidays

Design a disco ball for the tree

Emma Mapp’s stylish Christmas baubles, which she makes by gluing shiny leather circles left over from her camera bag business on papier-mâché baubles, are proof that you can make beautiful decorations from leftovers. Plain cardboard balls are available from; I’ve already decorated them with overlapping shreds of shiny Christmas wrapping paper, but you can also use fabric strips – you just need a glue gun or a strong PVA. Now I’m cutting the corners with one of Mapp’s kits, which contains a papier-mâché ball and 60 shiny leather (or vegan leather) circles along with a set of instructions (£ 19.50, mappoflondon. uk).

Sew a gingerbread man decoration

If, like me, you like the idea of ​​sewing but have a house full of projects you haven’t even started, I can recommend Miss Shelly. I finished his Gingerbread Man Christmas Decorating Kit in an hour. She had done the boring part by procuring the eyes, buttons, bow tie, stuffing and embroidery thread, as well as felt, which she had cut to the right shape. Now the boys want me to make them each of his ninja breadmen. For example, Miss Shelly’s Gingerbread Ball Making Kit costs £ 12.95 on

Handicraft gifts with willow …

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